Thursday, April 19, 2012

DJs United Conference

DJs, Artists and professionals from around the nation set sights on The DJs United Conference hosted at the Radisson Hotel, 2500 High School Rd, Indianapolis, IN, Friday, April 20, 2012 through Sunday, April 22, 2012. Doors open at 10:00 AM. This event is presented by: Blok Club DJs, Conglomerate DJs, Crowd Rocka DJs, Derrty DJs, Dis SPINsters DJs, Drum Squad DJs, Heatspinners DJs, Hittmenn Midwest DJs, Hub City DJs, KYMP Kamp DJs, Nerve DJs, O-State DJs, Slip and Slide DJs, Sniper Squad DJs, TraKCbanga DJs, and XSquad DJs. With the industry becoming more “DIY” – Do it Yourself friendly, the concept of DJs United was formed by various Midwest DJ Coalitions in the region to support the future of the industry. As the conference began to grow and the brand awareness spread, more coalitions wanted to participate. What started out as a Midwest conference, has turned into a national conference. Retail is dwindling, downloads are up, and sales are not as robust as before: the artists must create and maintain a relationship with those who have direct contact with consumers and fans… The DJ. We are proud to announce the following sponsors who are participating in DJ United Conference: E 1 Music, Rap-A-Lot Records, Platinum Hip Hop Trading Cards,, Intro, Selecto Hits, Russell Law, Hype Magazine, Twenty4Seven Magazine, Hip Hop Union, Strapped Condoms, Eye-see Enterprises, M.E.C.A.P., Royal Blunts, Nerve DJs, DJ A&R,, Brightwood Entertainment,, and many up-and-coming artists. DJs United also has a great line up of panelists for the weekend. With industry professionals and executives from around the country, DJs, artists and labels will be able to expand their knowledge on topics such a Publishing, Digital Marketing, Management, Legal aspects of the business, and developing relationships between the DJ and artist. Education, Networking and breaking new music is the focus of the conference. Panelist for the weekend will include representatives from: Epic, E1, Mizzay Ent., WHHH, EMI, Universal, Atlantic, Selecto Hits, Platinum Hip Hop Trading Cards, Star Quality Firm, MECAP, J Jones Ent, Hip Hop Union, Gracie Productions, KD Staffing, Jus Promotions, Industry Works, and more to be added. DJs United will not be short on artists either, with E1 introducing their latest artists Driicky Graham and Friday 4 Eva at the Welcome to Indy Party with Fonzworth Bentley, Huey, Enertia and Miltickit at Cloud 9 (5150 W 38th St. Indianapolis, IN 46254). Then on Saturday Rap-a-lot recording artist Hurricane Chris, Papa Reu, Tim Ned, and Nu Breed will perform at our Official After Party and will be hosted by Flipmodes' own, Rampage. This will be a great night at Don Victor’s (3730 Georgetown Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46254.) DJs United Conference will change things up from just the regular new artist showcase. Saturday night’s Official DJs United Showcase will be hosted by Comedian Mike Samp and will include a prize package to the winner who will be chosen by the DJ Coalitions. They will have the opportunity to win the following package: Distribution (Selecto Hits), digital marketing package (Tweet My Song and, Mixing and Mastering for a single, graphics (Eyesee Enterprises), Conference call with each of the participating DJ Coalitions, write up in Twenty4seven magazine, H.Y.P.E. magazine, and an admin package from Industry Works, (internet radio station 150 spins)... more to come! For more information, registration, schedule, and questions please visit Pre-registration ($99) is open until April 19, 2012 at 5pm

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