Monday, April 16, 2012

Producers Gather Huge Following Online With Hip Hop Beats, Giving Away Thousands Of Dollars In Promotion And Airplay To Independent Hip Hop Artists

Hip Hop Beats Online, a online production site with a huge following, is giving away four free beats and a chance to win over $1,000 in free radio airplay, and promotion (Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube). Hip Hop Beats Online is team of producers,that have gathered a huge profile on the internet, and offers hip hop beats and other instrumental tracks for new and upcoming hip hop artists and the overall independent scene to use for putting together mix-tapes, singles, games, movies, films, and albums. The new company allows individuals to sign up for an account and then download hip hop beats and available tracks for use in album or productions. The site contains a large number of track choices. Hip Hop Beats Online is a new online production company focused on leasing hip hop beats to independent music artists. The idea originated from seeing the hip hop artist community not have access to high quality hip hop beats like Industry artists. Hip Hop Beats Online also helps to promote the Independent music community, and believe that up and coming aspiring hip hop artists should have the same opportunities as major artists. “We gathered a huge fan base online by giving away so much quality content, a hip hop artist would be crazy not to sign up and get all this free content. We online producers work harder than industry producers for a huge fraction of the price. There is no way a upcoming artist with a small budget could afford an industry producers time, hip hop beats, or music. “That is where we come in, I personally connect with artists” states one of Hip Hop Beats Online’s producers Makaih, “I want to see them succeed with their music. According to producer, Mr. Flamez, “ People can make a huge come up in this industry by leasing hip hop beats. You lease a hip hop beat for a low price, and you can sell a crazy amount of derivative tracks with online promotion. Just don’t forget to credit the producers. Leasing is one of the BEST things to happen to hip hop artists.” For more information on the free hip hop beats beats and promotion give away and to learn more about the services Hip Hop Beats Online offers, please visit or contact Corey Fletcher at

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