Friday, July 3, 2015

Stevie Hawkins Releases New Two-Song Soul/R&B/Blues Single On Emphasis

As an artist who we have come to know for expecting the unexpected, Stevie Hawkins remains true to form with his new two-song single release, rendering a passionate modern Soul - R&B music ballad, then entertaining us with a rousing Big Band blues arrangement. Yet, both songs are readily identifiable by Hawkins' signature voice.

'Diamonds In The Sky' is a sensuous, romantic ballad that will transport you to a dimension of love and soothing relaxation either by yourself, or with that very special someone. This is sophisticated Soul/R&B with smooth jazz flavors at its very best.

The ballad vocally captures Hawkins as a sensualist, who fluently phrases, caresses and delivers the lyrics from whispers to impassioned intensity. The song is tastefully seasoned with warm -- layered Fender Rhodes and atmospheric synthesizers by Grammy award-winning master of musical magic, the late George Duke. Interspersed throughout the track are sultry alto saxophone embellishments by Stephan Sechi, and a lilting chromatic harmonica solo by Ralph Rosen, reminiscent of Toots Thielemans or Stevie Wonder. The song glows with vibrancy, feels good, and you will want to listen on repeat.

Hawkins inclusion of the bluesy big band song 'Sweet Honey', is brimming with personality and a delightful treat indeed, reminiscent of Ray Charles or Count Basie. The Stevie Hawkins Blue Shoes Orchestra, a 14 piece horn section and 3 piece rhythm section, constitutes this powerful and fun song as a testament to the range of Hawkins' vocals and music, and is a magnificent addition to this release.

Emphasis CEO Tom Stevens said, "Not only is Stevie a remarkable artist, he is a unique musical force whose work resonates around the globe. The release of his new single will undoubtedly be one of independent music's highlights of 2015."

"Diamonds In The Sky and Sweet Honey were originally written and the basic tracks recorded in 2013. At the time, I viewed the songs as one-off tracks that we put together rather quickly for the purpose of using during my solo performance for the Los Angeles Music Awards voting party and press event at the Whiskey A Go-Go in Hollywood, late September of that year. Being nominated as Urban Artist by the LA Music Awards, I wanted to have a fresh Urban/R&B song, as well as a contrasting bluesy song to sing for my live presentation to the judges and audience at the voting event. The mood recently came upon me to polish up the lyrics, record a new vocals, and complete production of the tunes. We are pleased with the outcome, so we're putting them out there. I'm not chasing a sound or jumping on trends with the release of songs. I'm just doing something that feels fresh to me. In the end, it's all about continuing to strive for greatness, doing the best that I can at what I love to do, which is create music”, Hawkins said. Ultimately, Stevie Hawkins was the recipient of the 2013 Los Angeles Music Awards Urban Artist award.

As an artist who likes to explore various styles of music, Stevie Hawkins proves here he belongs in the elite of Soul/R&B/Blues artists who can have ascendancy over more than one genre. He continues to propel his career and remains a formidable force on today's musical landscape.

If you're a true Stevie Hawkins fan, or if you've just discovered this multi-talented man, you'll want to have 'Diamonds In The Sky' and 'Sweet Honey' as part of your sophisticated Soul/R&B and Big Band Blues music collection! - Ozzi Roth - Hollywood Report

About The Artist:
Stevie Hawkins is a multiple award-winning artist who has ascended through the ranks as an adept instrumentalist, vocalist, entertainer, songwriter, film composer, teacher, and producer. His ever-present influence inspires musicians and cult fans globally. As a live performer, he electrifies his audience and immediately establishes a relationship with them during his shows.

As a sideman and session drummer, he is known for his chameleon-like adaptability to envision and perform avant-garde conceptions across multiple genres of music. That is supported by playing drums in specialty realms and cross-genres for international and national recording artists, Chuck Berry, John Lee Hooker, Albert King, Percy Sledge, Bertie Higgins, Dan Seals (England Dan & John Ford Coley), Stanley Jordan, The Ink Spots, Rufus Thomas, Johnny Rodriguez, Daryle Singletary, Webb Pierce, Charlie Rich, Brook Benton, Jeff Carson, Ace Cannon "The Godfather of Sax", Al Dotson Jazz Orchestra, Ringling Brothers Circus, comedians Jackie Mason and Roger & Roger, and many others.

Stevie has performed countless shows at many historic venues including, Whisky A Go-Go, Avalon Theater Hollywood, The Orpheum Theater, Capitol Theater, Strand Theater, and Renfro Valley. Stevie continues his life-long pursuit of musical and artistic excellence, demonstrating a tireless commitment to his craft.

Single Credits:

Diamonds In The Sky
(C. Hannon/T.S. Hawkins)
Stevie Hawkins: Vocals - Beat - Strings - Percussion
George Duke: Fender Rhodes - Synth - Synth Bass
Stephan Sechi: Alto Saxophone
Raymond ”Guitar” Watts: Electric and Classical Guitars
Ralph Rosen: Harmonica

Sweet Honey
(C. Hannon/T.S. Hawkins)
The Stevie Hawkins Blue Shoes Orchestra
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Stevie Hawkins
Studios: Wintergreen Studio, Atlanta, GA and Fat Hits, Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by ShhhMedia, Atlanta, GA
Cover Art:Dmytro Tolokonov
Basic Tracks Recorded: 2013
Final Production and Mix: 2015

© 2015 Emphasis Records - Hannon Hawkins Music, BMI
All rights are reserved.

Tuomas Holopainen Talks To LA Metal Media

The day before the Nightwish show at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, Allie Jorgen from LA Metal Media spoke with Tuomas Holopainen about the new Nightwish CD. In a very in-depth interview Tuomas talks about the meaning of the new CD, ENDLESS FORMS MOST BEAUTIFUL and the guest appearance of Richard Dawkins on the new CD. You can check the video interview here:

Nightwish return to North American in 2016 –tour dates are listed here:

A limited number of VIP Meet & Greet tickets (which include a poster signed by the band + a tour program) are available for each show for purchase - Advanced tickets for the confirmed tour dates are now on sale exclusively at – Here is a live video of their show at the Greek Theater from May 1, 2015 -

Be sure to catch their show when they return to North America in 2016!
Find more Nightwish News on

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Adult Film Star Amai Liu Signs To Unable Records

Unable Records, a Cherry Hill, NJ-based independent record label, has signed adult film star Amai Liu to a recording contract. Together, Amai and Unable Records will write, record and release a brand new single; but that isn't the biggest story of the day. It has also been revealed that this unlikely team will be filming the entire process, from songwriting and rehearsal to recording and marketing, in order to produce and release a compelling, behind the scenes docu-series.

"When Amai came to us and expressed an interest in trying to break into the music industry, we knew immediately that this was a project that we wanted to work on," said Jason Ruch of Unable Records. "Amai has always had a deep love for music, and she is quite talented."

While discussing the project during meetings at Unable's Cherry Hill headquarters, it quickly became apparent that the project was larger than just a single. "Everyone kept talking about what an interesting story this is - the porn star turned pop star," said Mike Ransom, Managing Partner at Unable Records. Despite the risks involved in a project of this type, trying to break someone into an unforgiving industry like music, grappling with the formation and coaching of a new artist, and overcoming the stereotypes and preconceived notions that go along with an adult performer; Unable Records decided to open the entire process to the public in order to tell that story. "All of us will be putting a lot on the line throughout this project; both Amai and the label have a lot to lose. With that said, we felt we had a amazing opportunity to give people a behind the scenes look at not only the making of a record, but the transformation of a career."

Good or bad, it will all be on display in the docu-series that Unable Records is calling Porn to Pop. It is unclear at this point exactly when the series, and the single on which it is focused, will be released, but the label has indicated it will likely be in early 2016. Additionally, the label has not revealed the genre of Amai's work, saying only that it falls outside of the rock, metal and punk with which they usually work.

Amai Liu and Unable Records will be jointly launching a crowd-funding campaign in the coming weeks in order to raise the money needed to complete the process of producing, filming and editing the docu-series. Unable Records is currently weighing several options for the release of the series, including shopping it to television networks and other video providers, such as Netflix and Amazon. For more information about Amai, the single and the Porn to Pop docu-series, fans should visit for updates and a longer description of the series.

Johnoscar Releases "Cinema Paradiso: A Night At The Movie

This June fans of Johnoscar have cause to celebrate as the concert pianist releases his new album: Cinema Paradiso, A Night At The Movies. This is Johnoscar's second independent release and the follow-up to his 2013 album "Christmas,"which has scored solid five stars with every review. The Filipino born resident of the San Francisco Bay Area will premiere his album in live performance, and in its entirety, at the restored and historic Rio Grand Movie Theater in New Mexico June 23--the date of its release.

The Cinema Paradiso program features arrangements and interpretations of some of the greatest film music ever composed from some of the greatest films ever made including Cinema Paradiso, The Mission and Modern Times. It covers a span of almost 100 years of film music and includes some of the pianist's signature pieces such as Somewhere In Time, Warsaw Concerto and the piano score from Schindler's List John Williams penned for Johnoscar while he was still a student at Juilliard. Johnoscar's interpretations and performances become the common thread tying these pieces together into a cohesive whole and endows this body of work with emotion, development and meaning. "The album tell a story," says Johnoscar, "an entire civilization's story--by using music to trigger the power of film." The album's performances utilized the rich sound of a 100 year old Steinway in a state of the art recording studio.

Johnoscar has performed as a soloist, and as a soloist with orchestras, on three continents including a head of state and an appearance at the Verbier Festival in Switzerland. He debuted as a soloist with The San Francisco Symphony at 17 performing Rachmaninoff's Second Piano Concerto and has appeared in many of the great concert halls around the world. Some highlights include Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center, Davies Hall, Herbst Theater at the San Francisco War Memorial, The Royal Palace in Brussels and the Paris Conservatory with Joshua Bell. He has worked with IMG Artists and has been contracted to Sony Classical. He is currently represented by Brant-Muzik Management. Johnoscar has appeared consistently on the Juilliard annual list of notable alumni.


Monday, June 29, 2015

ARSENALES 'Closer' (Feat. Sigrid Zeiner)

We present with the latest giveaway from Arsenales' brand new self-tilted EP. This newest piece from the Italian-based electro-pop band is available exclusively for you to enjoy and is presented alongside an official visual for the record.

While most of the new EP encompasses a fun and energetic sound, "Closer" is possibly the most mysterious track from the project. Get ready to shimmy your way into the weekend with this one.

Thank you for your continued support!


Jey Row Unveils New Album Titled 'XXXDEEPERTHANEVER'

Every now and then we're treated to something truly unique, different from everything we've heard before. And so enter Jey Row and his stunning new album XXDEEPERTHANEVER.

Dubbed as alternate R&B, Jey Row's new album encompasses a distinctive sound of glazing vocals with enchanting production, the rest is, as they say, history!

The 20-year-old Russian quotes the likes of Banks, The Weeknd, Broods and Drake as major influences. Now living in New York, Jey is well on the way to making major moves. His new album is just the start of what is sure to be an exciting journey.

P Dubb Shares New Track 'Girl Dem Know' Featuring Bisk


Swiish Music present you with the latest offering from rising afro-beats artist P Dubb. This latest release comes in the shape of the uplifting and summer kick-starter titled "Girl Dem Know".

Let the Swiissh music pair take you on a journey of appreciation for the sun, Afropop & Afro style.

Get ready to come deep into the depths of P Dubb's soundboard, as vibrant atmospheres collide with enticing wordplay. Enjoy!






Sunday, June 28, 2015

Armonite's Album 'The Sun Is New Each Day'

Armonite, a new band by composer Paolo Fosso and violinist Jacopo Bigi kick off their disruptive rock project with the release of their album, The Sun is New Each Day available for free on the band's official website,

Produced by the first producer of Muse, Paul Reeve, and mastered by Geoff Pesche at the prestigious Abbey Road Studios in London, The Sun is New Each Day is an exciting mix of electric violin, keyboards, bass, and drums, including amazing participation by Porcupine Tree's bassist, Colin Edwin and Dutch drummer Jasper Barendregt.

"Working with a team like this is fantastic," says Fosso, composer of the album, "Everyone's unique skills and talents added something special to the album and the final result is powerful. We tried to give the album one sonority, but also characterize each track with a different setting.

"For example, in the song "Suitcase war" you'll see a rejection of how our life has changed after becoming workaholics. Whereas "Insert Coin", featuring 8-bit sounds by Swedish demoscener Anders 'Goto80' Carlsson, is a tribute to 80's and 90's arcade coin-ops."

Each track captures the various passions found in the band. "Satellites" is a reflection on space exploration and technology, "'G' as in Gears" features Samuel Gomper's famous speech, "What does the Working Man Want?" and "Die Grauen Herren" recalls the Men in Grey from Michael Ende's novel, Momo.

The Sun is New Each Day is a whirlwind of sounds, themes and emotions. "Connect Four", a track composed by Bigi, finds its sound in a protest against gambling addictions. While the track "Sandstorm" is a look at the living energy that can be found in Marrakech.

"We hope the album connects you to the world around you," says Fosso, "Tracks like "Le temps qui fait ta rose" from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery suggest 'It's the time you spent on your rose that makes your rose so important.' Yet, the track "Slippery Slope" explores that unclear side of the human soul."

The band's hopes and goals go well beyond the free release of their album. "Releasing our tracks for free is a way to instantly share this music we all love so much," says Bigi, "But what we really want to do is bring these tracks live. In order to do this, we need to show how great our fan base is. So follow us on Twitter and YouTube, 'like' us on Facebook and download our free album. The more people that get involved with us, the sooner we can go on tour and share our music live!"

1) Suitcase war
2) Connect Four
3) 'G' as in Gears
4) Sandstorm
5) Slippery Slope
6) Satellites
7) Die Grauen Herren
8) Le temps qui fait ta rose
9) Insert Coin

Contact info
Artist Management