Friday, July 23, 2010

Robert Lauri's United Souls An Original Release For An Original Album Concept


Every two days, fans on Facebook and on music and video websites were presented with a new video from one of the album tracks. The fans have since discovered all the songs and supporting video clips.

Eclectic Artist Robert Lauri encompasses a wide variety of musical genres on his latest record 'United Souls'. One of the several styles on this album mixes hip-hop with traditional music, whether it is classic or folk-roots music. The result is always convincing, and his music is sure to tweak the ears of those listening to his music for the first time. Robert Lauri is also one of those seasoned artists who know when and where to push the boundaries of their music, adapting it to the changing times and the new technologies. All of the tracks make you want to hit the dance floor.

Robert Lauri dares to innovate and create new musical moods by mixing various styles, but always does so with consideration for harmony, because he is first and foremost an excellent tunesmith who knows how to tug at our emotions.

Peace releases a powerful emotional force and takes us into a world where harmony is the imprint of disconcerting waves. The remarkable piano chords on a background of traditional melodic arrangements with touches of easy listening and pop make Peace an exceptional track.

'Bahia Dream' is a chilly up-tempo hip-hop tune. The style is fresh and modern but the bandoneon gives you the impression of being catapulted to the Champs-Elysees. Air Dance is a funky-dance rhythm enriched by urban-inspired loops, with the bandoneon taking a melodic lead. In People, Lauri's playing produces a warm blend of Mediterranean heartbeats and middle-eastern gems. 'People' is a blend of Robert Lauri's visionary and artistic expression.

All tracks on this album are unique and awaken our emotions. The remaining album tracks are: Do you ever, a soul and dance tune, God Bless, Dark Light, and It's Like that, hip-hop and soft jazz tracks, and Over, Think about it, and Last Chance, soul and funk tunes.

Check out Robert Lauri on You Tube to discover the eleven video clips for the United Souls album. The unique sound of the songs is supported by the unique visual images in the video clips created by the talented artist Anna Clara Passarelli.

We can only invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy listening to the unique sounds of the album United Souls by watching the well-paced videos.

The complete album 'United Souls' is now available at download stores like Itunes and

To discover the United Souls album:

Jazz Saxophonist Kayla Jazzmin: Serving Her Country And Serving Up Jazz At The Same Time With The Release Of Her New Track "Latin This"


Saxophonist/producer Kayla Jazzmin recently released the track "Latin This" from her upcoming jazz CD, Caring Is An Option. The album will be released in October, 2010 on her Just After Dark Music label. She wrote and produced all ten tracks on the CD, which will be available at her personal website as well as major online retailers' iTunes,, eMusic and Napster. Her musical style is the result of a fusion of many genres - smooth jazz, funk, old school, R&B and hip hop.

Playing both saxophone and keyboards on the single, Kayla describes it as "Latin jazz with a hip hop influence". April Jones of MusicDish calls the track "both smooth and spicy, like a cup of bold, exotic coffee swirled with sweet, rich cream. The combination of jazzy saxophone and Latin drum beats is a perfect blend." A multi-talented instrumentalist, Kayla also plays the guitar, bass, clarinet and flute.

Born in Philadelphia in 1987, Kayla grew up listening to jazz and oldies. She began playing sax in middle school, but her musical career began at Calvary Bible Church in Philadelphia. "Pastor Doug Logan set up a group to help the kids in our neighborhood stay out of trouble because the streets were pretty tough. He established a group called Tabernacle of Prayze, where I jazzed up the melodic lines to church songs on the sax, accompanied by a drummer, bassist, and pianist."

The Tabernacle of Prayze group members built a studio in the basement of Pastor Logan's house using money received from performances at churches and investors to produce their first and only CD. Prelude To A Blessing, released during Kayla's senior year in high school in 2005, sold 1000 copies locally." Gospel singer Tye Tribett was instrumental to the album's success.

It was during the making of Prelude To A Blessing that Kayla learned how to produce. She continued performing while attending the Community College of Philadelphia, and took Music Technology to fine tune her production skills.

Caring Is An Option is Kayla's third CD. The quartet disbanded in 2005, but she went on to produce her debut demo CD entitled Just Me in 2007, and a holiday CD in 2009 - Kayla's Christmas Jazz. A Specialist in the United States Army, she is currently stationed in Ft. Hood, TX. Upon retirement from active duty in the Fall of 2010, Kayla plans to concentrate on her music full time. She also plays sax for the Austin, Texas based group Kamunique, though she will continue to pursue a solo career.

"Latin This" is available for sale now on Kayla Jazzmin's website: .

Kayla Jazzmin
Just After Dark Music

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jimmy White And Jonell Mosser Duet, "Just What I Need" Topping National AC And Country Charts


Award winning AC artist Jimmy White's latest release, "Just What I Need", a duet with Nashville's legendary Jonell Mosser, has become White's first No. 1 Country single and his 10th consecutive No. 1 AC Single.

The duet has been rising quickly on the national FMQB AC 40 chart where it just reached the #10 position. Also as of this past week, the single has reached #2 on the New Music Weekly Main AC chart, #4 on their HOT 100 Singles Chart (Top40/ AC/ Hot AC Chart), moved into the Top 20 on the New Music Weekly Country Main chart, as well as the "on Deck" position on the National "Music Row" County chart. In addition, the single, which has topped the Independent Music Network's Mainstream Top 30 chart for the past 8 weeks, has crossed over and hit the #1 position on the Country chart for the past 2 weeks.

This strong showing on these charts has come from increased airplay on the single to currently over 3000 plays per week worldwide. This airplay number will increase as the single starts its debut on several Billboard/Mediabase monitored stations in the coming weeks.

The success of "Just What I Need" has been built on a foundation of previous smaller network hit records, the breakout coming in 2009 with the unprecedented success of "So Far Behind", which rose to No. 12 on FMQB AC chart, staying in the Top 15 for 9 consecutive weeks. The FMQB is a national radio airplay charting service populated nearly exclusively by major label artists. "So Far Behind" was also White's 9th No. 1 independent AC single in a row and led to his second New Music Award (the first was in 2007 for White's "Hidden Pictures"). In addition, White also won the award for "Best Male Artist" at the 2009 Independent Music Awards.

Since 2006, White has had 3 records go to No. 1 on New Music Weekly's Main AC/Hot AC chart, and, as noted above, all of his releases since 2006 (10 total) have reached No. 1 on one nationally recognized chart or another, including the Los Angeles based Independent Music Network.

White's radio success has been mirrored in video airplay success with his music videos. His first video, "I Wish You Peace" (2008), achieved 2 months of regular daily rotation on video outlets and shows around the world, including national U.S. networks like the Gospel Music Channel, which reaches over 45 million households. This video has started to become a Holiday programming favorite at video outlets worldwide, with its universal message of peace and brotherly love.

His second video, "Angel Eyes" and 2009's "So Far Behind", have been solid additions to the success of "I Wish You Peace" and have helped to further build White's national exposure. These songs all are included in White's forthcoming epic 2 disc CD set, "Two Cities", due to be released in early 2011. This release contains all four of the #1 singles listed above.

Currently, New Jersey based animation studio, Tres3d is animating the music video for "Just What I Need". This unique music video will be released in August to music video networks and outlets nationwide.

For a free download of the Jimmy White/Jonell Mosser duet, "Just What I Need", go to To find out more about White, click on his website: or his MySpace page at There are also a couple of great online interviews with White that are available: The most recent is from the Independent Music Network: . The Winchester (KY) Sun ran the following interview with White when he was filming his previous video:

For press or interviews, please contact Steve Baker at Steveb(at)visualimagemarketing(dot)com.

Announcing 'Music E-Blast,' A Direct And Economical Way For Artists To Reach New Fans


New York and Ft. Lauderdale (July 19, 2010) - Musicians are always looking for ways to increase their fan base. With MySpace's popularity teetering out and Facebook becoming overcrowded and cost-prohibitive on which to advertise, email marketing remains an effective and economical way for both artists and labels to reach a targeted group of potential fans.

Mi2N, the largest and oldest online music industry newswire, has partnered with Inside the Music Business (IMB) to introduce 'Music E-Blast,' an email marketing service allowing artists and labels to reach music fans of their particular genre. In conjunction with IMB's sister company Local Adzine, Mi2N is now offering email campaigns reaching 25,000 genre-specific fans to help promote everything from music releases to events & tours. 'Music E-Blast' can reach fans of virtually every genre of music, including Country, Rock, Hip Hop, R&B, Dance/Electronica, Jazz, Classical, and Folk-Americana to name a few.

Mi2N and IMB also announced that Oseao Media Group, a digital music distributor, licensing and publishing company, would be the first affiliate partner, offering 'Music E-Blast' and other Mi2N PR marketing packages to its artists and labels.

"For musicians, Music E-Blast is like shooting a bull's-eye," says IMB Founder and President Eric Kline. "They can take their message and directly reach people who already have a proclivity to want to check them out."

Next to music video and radio, 'Music E-Blast' is a great play for an artist to reach 25,000 potentially new fans. The people who are emailed have already identified themselves as fans of your genre. Whether it's a press release announcement of an EP or CD release, a tour, or just a continuing effort to increase followers and fans, Music E-Blast, has enormous potential.

"While email marketing has been part of corporate and small business marketing's arsenal for years, the independent music community has largely missed out on its potential," noted MusicDish President Eric de Fontenay. "Email marketing is not just a great way to reach your fans, but it can be particularly effective when used in conjunction with social media marketing."

Kline says the service can be expanded to reach millions of fans. "We have music databases with millions of subscriber email addresses in most of the major genres. We can reach a broad range of people around the country or we can target it to a specific city or state. There are amazing opportunities for artists to use the service."

For more information on 'Music E-Blast': visit or

About Mi2N
Mi2N (Music Industry News Network) is the largest online daily newswire serving the music industry. Since 1998, Mi2N has kept professionals worldwide informed on the latest developments shaping their sector by covering nearly every facet of the industry, from new business models and technological innovations to up-&-coming artists and emerging trends. Through its Mi2N Music PR service, it has become a leading PR resource for major and independent music companies around the world.

About Inside the Music Business
Inside the Music Business (IMB) is a brand of products, services and events created in 1999 by Producer/Director Eric Kline (formerly Sr. Producer at the Box Music Network).
IMB produces mixers, seminars, radio shows, DVDs, newsletters and provides tools for success for record labels both large and small and is committed to providing access for the indie artist.

About Local Adzine
Local Adzine was created by Producer Director Eric Kline and enables musicians, businesses and others to reach an active, targeted audience by category or geo-targeted area. With each email blast, Local Adzine provides tracking - giving you a way to definitively determine your return on investment.

Local Adzine and its data partners have more than 65 million people in its online network. These email lists are geo-targeted by city, state and zip code, and is 100% permission based, double opt in - No spam.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Gu Lou No.6 Rehearsal Studios: The Music Pulse Of Beijing


I am a serious music-head, so I'm always looking to quench my thirst for new and fresh music. I have been living here in Beijing for a while and have heard many rumors about Beijing having a thriving underground music scene. With this in mind, I took it upon myself to see what this scene had to offer. So armed with my digital recorder and notebook, I decided to seek out these new musicians and artists and find out what makes them tick.

So where does one go to observe the behavior of such musically inclined creatures...? To a rehearsal studio of course!

Gu Lou number 6 Rehearsal Studios are located in a narrow hutong, a stone's throw away from the mighty Mao Livehouse in Beijing's Chaoyang district. Owners Li Xiang and his girlfriend Xiao Yu decided to convert half of their traditional Chinese hutong into a 2 room rehearsal facility in 2008, proving to us all that there really is no place like home.

Li Xiang (or Da Xiang as he is known to his friends) is a keen drummer. He, like most of us, dreamed of fame, stardom and playing sold-out tours to thousands of screaming fans, but gave it all up to help his friends pursue their quest for the lime light.

"I don't have my own band however I am very familiar with the music that the bands play here," he told me as we sat outside in the waiting area of No.6, with the sound of distorted guitars and overdriven bass wailing away in the background. "I really wanted to start my own band not so long ago. However these days, I spend all my time here looking after the rehearsal rooms and the bands that come through."

Snipersounds - What do you think about the music scene in Beijing at the moment?

Li Xiang - "Beijing's music scene is not so good at the moment. There are so many new young bands, but not many good bands. Many bands in Beijing are into music from abroad. They listen to that stuff so much that it's easy to hear which bands they like when you listen to their compositions. They are not very creative at the moment and often just copy what they hear, but things are getting better in my opinion.

"I feel that in Europe and America, rock music is a part of daily life. In China however, this is still a fresh culture. We need more time to get used to it and develop our own sound."

Snipersounds - How long do you think that will take?

Li Xiang - "I think Beijing needs 3-4 generations to develop its own sound."

Snipersounds - What are your usual work hours here at No. 6?

Li Xiang - "Usually from 10am till 12am every day."

Snipersounds - 12am!?!?

Li Xiang - "Yeah, because I live here which makes running this place very convenient - also, the people that come here are all my friends. Joyside, Carsick Cars, Tou Ku amongst others all are my friends. They often come here to practice. We are very familiar with each other so they treat this place as their home and don't abuse our equipment"

Snipersounds - Which live music venue do you like the best in Beijing?

Li Xiang - "I live very close to Mao Live, so I guess I like that place a lot. But I don't really have a favorite."

Snipersounds - Do you often go there to see live bands play?

Li Xiang - "Mao is good, but I don't go there very often because I listen to these bands practicing every day from morning 'til night. These are the same bands that go to Mao Live to perform, so it's nothing new for me."

The two-room layout of No. 6 will no doubt meet the needs of any aspiring artist that may come through the trademark black iron door. Each room comes with a drum kit, PA system, guitar and bass amps. Extra equipment and snacks are always available on request.

No doubt it's the place to be if you are looking to discover the next Hedgehog or if you want to be the new PK-14. The environment here is very clean, friendly and relaxed. Bands of all abilities foreign and local come and go all day long and everyone seems to be one big happy family. It's not by any means the most sophisticated rehearsal facility that I have seen in Beijing, however the atmosphere and the customer service is really what makes this place something to write home about.

No.6 is the number 1 place to stay in tune with the Beijing music scene.

Article By Snipersounds

"Your Band Is A Virus" Aims To Demystify Independent Music Marketing

Canadian music collective Independent Music Promotions recently celebrated the release of their new e-book "Your Band Is A Virus", which outlines marketing techniques effectively used by today's independent musicians. With many industry-related books being released by CEO's and record label owners, this release shows a definite change of attitude in the way independent music is promoted to the mainstream.

Founder James Moore commented "We found that most of the music marketing books written by the industry moguls were gimmicky and out of touch with the modern band's needs. There's only so many times you need to read about starting a website or writing a bio. We included those basics but focused the book mainly on how to build your press section, get on the media's good side and generate those reviews. That's what band's care about."

"We're trying to bring power back to the musicians and out of the hands of the pay-to-wait-in-line Sonicbids types. Some of the techniques in the book are tried and true, and some you probably haven't seen before."

The book explores the ideas behind viral marketing, guerilla marketing, and "behind-the-scenes" marketing, which suggests breaking the traditional submission rules and contacting the industry professionals, bloggers, dj’s and music media individually in order to build relationships and garner high amounts of press.

More information on "Your Band Is A Virus" is at

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Digital Music NY Presents "Leading Ladies Of The Music Biz"

Digital Music NY, a monthly music business networking event series, is proud to be partnering with Women in Music to present 'Leading Ladies in the Music Biz' on July 27th at Gonzalez y Gonzalez. Women in Music is a dynamic group of music industry professionals working together to support, nurture, empower, and recognize the talents of women in our field.

The event will feature an impressive panel of five female music professionals shaping today's industry, including:
* Lia Vollack-Friedman - President, Worldwide Music for Sony Pictures Ent.
* Jennifer Blakeman - Senior Vice President, Universal Music Publishing Group
* Amanda Ghost - President, Epic / Songwriter
* Samantha Cox - Exec. Director Writer Publisher Relations at BMI
* Marsha Vlasic - Sr VP concerts @ ICM

"This event is very special for us - I can't remember the last time I saw such an impressive line-up of women decision makers in one panel,"
noted Digital Music NY co-organizer Eric de Fontenay. "I've wanted to organize a panel like this with Women in Music for over a year and it was well worth the wait!"

President of Women In Music, Evangelia Livanos, adds, "WIM is excited and honored to partner with Digital Music NY on an event like this! This panel is what Women in Music is all about and what we strive for to give back to the community - a recognition of women leaders and a way for the industry to learn from them. We are really looking forward to this fantastic event!

Some topics covered will include:
How have opportunities in the music business changed for women with the growth of the Internet? How have layoffs at the majors and other music companies impact female professionals? Where exactly is the glass ceiling and are there cracks developing? What have been some the growth sectors for women in the music industry?

Digital Music NY Music Industry Networking and Discussion Presented by MusicDish, Fortex Group and Women in Music Drink Specials courtesy of Riazul Premium Tequila
Date: Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Time: 6 - 9 PM
Leading Ladies of the Music Biz panel: 7:00 PM
location: Gonzalez y Gonzalez
625 Broadway, between Houston & Bleecker

About Women In Music
Since 1985, Women in Music has been a dynamic group of music industry professionals working together to support, cultivate and recognize the talents of women in our field. Through educational seminars, panels, networking events, showcases, our annual Touchstone Awards, and other gala events, we provide camaraderie and tools for advancement to hundreds of members at all stages of their careers.

In 2007, Women in Music burst back into the music industry, as a new crop of members emerged and revived the organization. We are hundreds of hard-working and enthusiastic women eager to make a difference in the industry. For more information, please visit

About Digital Music NY
Digital Music NY is collaboration between Fortex Group and MusicDish Founders, Ephraim Cohen and Eric de Fontenay to build a community of New York area based professionals in the digital music sector, from singer/songwriter to app developer. Focused around a monthly event held at Gonzalez y Gonzalez, Digital Music NY features company announcements, presentations of the latest tech, and discussions on new business models, guest speakers and plenty of networking.

Eric de Fontenay
Digital Music NY