Friday, July 23, 2010

Robert Lauri's United Souls An Original Release For An Original Album Concept


Every two days, fans on Facebook and on music and video websites were presented with a new video from one of the album tracks. The fans have since discovered all the songs and supporting video clips.

Eclectic Artist Robert Lauri encompasses a wide variety of musical genres on his latest record 'United Souls'. One of the several styles on this album mixes hip-hop with traditional music, whether it is classic or folk-roots music. The result is always convincing, and his music is sure to tweak the ears of those listening to his music for the first time. Robert Lauri is also one of those seasoned artists who know when and where to push the boundaries of their music, adapting it to the changing times and the new technologies. All of the tracks make you want to hit the dance floor.

Robert Lauri dares to innovate and create new musical moods by mixing various styles, but always does so with consideration for harmony, because he is first and foremost an excellent tunesmith who knows how to tug at our emotions.

Peace releases a powerful emotional force and takes us into a world where harmony is the imprint of disconcerting waves. The remarkable piano chords on a background of traditional melodic arrangements with touches of easy listening and pop make Peace an exceptional track.

'Bahia Dream' is a chilly up-tempo hip-hop tune. The style is fresh and modern but the bandoneon gives you the impression of being catapulted to the Champs-Elysees. Air Dance is a funky-dance rhythm enriched by urban-inspired loops, with the bandoneon taking a melodic lead. In People, Lauri's playing produces a warm blend of Mediterranean heartbeats and middle-eastern gems. 'People' is a blend of Robert Lauri's visionary and artistic expression.

All tracks on this album are unique and awaken our emotions. The remaining album tracks are: Do you ever, a soul and dance tune, God Bless, Dark Light, and It's Like that, hip-hop and soft jazz tracks, and Over, Think about it, and Last Chance, soul and funk tunes.

Check out Robert Lauri on You Tube to discover the eleven video clips for the United Souls album. The unique sound of the songs is supported by the unique visual images in the video clips created by the talented artist Anna Clara Passarelli.

We can only invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy listening to the unique sounds of the album United Souls by watching the well-paced videos.

The complete album 'United Souls' is now available at download stores like Itunes and

To discover the United Souls album:

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