Sunday, July 25, 2010

Everybody Make Some Noise

Exploding on the scene like a weapon of mass destruction landing on your front lawn or a psycho ex-girlfriend slashing your tires, is the sheer raw intensity known as THAT NOISE.

Fear not my friends, these warriors are here not to throw rocks though your bedroom window or take over the world, but rather to free it, by delivering a message of strength, courage and empowerment for all mankind… with guitars.

For the last year, That Noise has been winning over the admiration and respect of music lovers worldwide, and with their latest release, a remake of the Kings of Leon's hit Sex on Fire, burning up college airwaves in the US and abroad, this dynamic group is well on their way to massive success. As buzzbandsla writer Kevin Bronson puts it: " L.A. quartet That Noise has taken a little of the denim out of Kings of Leon's ubiquitous hit "Sex on Fire" and replaced with a bit of latex". Numerous other listeners have also concurred: "I like it even better than the original, It's sexier!"

Their masterful blend of Rock, Electro and Pop has taken on the otherworldly form of something which can only be described as "ELECTROCK" A seamless fusion of the aforementioned genres. Within their arsenal you will discover Blistering guitars, Thundering drums, Melodic synths, Passionate lyrics and Electrifying performances.

That Noise has been spreading seeds across the globe and igniting fires in the hearts and minds of those who wish to release themselves from the bonds of mental, physical and financial slavery. Their dedication was seen recently when they performed in 2010 Sundance film festival benefit for Haiti Organized by Pras Michel of the Fugees.

Relentless in their quest, the guys packed up the van once again in March to play for a great cause at the SXSW music conference in Austin; The All together now showcase to benefit " invisible children".

On July 23rd 2010 they will be the ones to watch at the Vans 5th annual Battle for Warped Tour at the Glass House in Pomona. On August 22nd they will be one of the front runners in the SCU Band Slam sponsored by LA WEEKLY. They are on a mission to eradicate mediocrity of thought and develop a new generation of soldiers dedicated to freeing minds and breaking down boundaries. Throw up your fists and MAKE SOME NOISE…That Noise.

Rock Elliott 323.350.1437

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