Friday, July 30, 2010

Video: Pennan Brae - Have You Ever Been

Watch the video on Youtube:

The single "Have You Ever Been" from Canadian artist Pennan Brae's album 'Shaded Joy' focuses its theme on the endless search for love. Brae's music delivers a contrast between the vibrant and colorful music and passionate and painful words. He pulls this off in a very original way that is far from the mainstream. Brae has a gentle and touching folk style combined with excellent songwriting skills and creativity.

The powerful scale of notes in the opening of the track clear the field for a melody that is rich in its complexity and never stagnant. While the video, directed by Douglas DeBoer of Visual Alchemy, showcases images of the Hawaiian Island, Brae and actress/model Stephanie Perius pursue each other in the magical atmosphere of Kauai, Hawaii.

'Have You Ever Been' is available on iTunes and, as well as Other online music retailers.

Visit Pennan Brae's official website at

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