Thursday, October 22, 2015

Alt-Rock Trio 'The Reach' Reunites For 20th Anniversary Show, New Single (Denver, CO)

The band formed in 1994 in Dallas, TX, garnering major label interest and critical acclaim for the aforementioned "Closer" album. After disbanding in 1997 for all the usual reasons, drummer Tommy Watts and Craig Miller reunited briefly to record a second album, LIFT in 2003.

They are now reuniting again with bassist Dave Scott to release a new single (covers of MGMT's "Time to Pretend" and The Stranglers' "No Mercy"), along with a remastered version of LIFT, and a fully remixed and remastered 20th Anniversary Edition of Closer.

Although largely ignored in their hometown of Dallas, TX, the band has gained a passionate following over the years in Denver, CO, with the help of the owners of the Bull & Bush pub, who have spread the word about their unique sound. "The bottom line is, we were one of the better bands of the 90's, despite our lack of exposure," said Miller. "When people hear us, they agree."

The show will be this Halloween night, Saturday October 31st, and is sure to be a memorable one. "The guys at the Bull and Bush have kept our music alive, and we're pumped to bring our sound back to life in Denver," said bassist Scott. "We plan on bringing our best."

Release Dates:
LIFT (2015 remastered edition) – available now
Closer (20th Anniversary Edition) – available Oct. 20, 2015
Time to Pretend/No Mercy – available Oct. 20, 2015

For more info, contact Craig Miller at, or (917) 620-7482

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