Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nashville: Paying It Forward With MusicStartsHere.org and 3rd Sundays at 3:00

By Michele Wilson-Morris
"It's really a celebration of the human spirit." These words, spoken by Will Carter of MusicStartsHere.org in Nashville, might never have been more sincerely stated or supported by technology, good will, and a city that is truly progressive. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing and meeting Will and his colleague, Doak Turner, about their website MusicStartsHere.org, and several other innovative things that are being done in Nashville, the music publishing capital of the world.

Will Carter is the owner of a financial services company with branches in Michigan, Florida, and now Tennessee. He has also been a musician and songwriter at heart for the past 20 years with 3 recorded albums. He moved to Nashville to run his newest business venture, but also wanted to indulge his creative side there as well. Being a business man, of course, he looked to the city for direction as to what he should do to begin his career there.

"It was like going to Vegas and finding that someone had hidden the slot machines or roulette tables when you'd come there to gamble. Everything I've read and seen about Nashville is part of what makes Music City (Nashville's nickname) such a great place. People come here because they want to see their dreams come true; they want to make it in music. Their dream is the slot machine and they want to pull the lever and see it happen." Soon after arriving in Nashville, Carter met Doak Turner, who gave him several contacts, but Carter found the process to be a bit more cumbersome than he thought it should have been. He was convinced that things could be easier, and began a journey to make that happen.

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