Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Jean Beauvoir and his band Crown of Thorns playing "Dying For Love" - LIVE - Sala Caracol, Madrid Spain - April 27th, 2011.

Incidentally, two Veteran Rock Guitarists who made ROCKWiRED MAGAZiNES 2016 list of Favorite "Guitarist of the Year" in October are from the Jean Beauvoir led band CROWN of THORNS.

Micki Free from the original Crown of Thorns lineup and Tommy Lafferty who took over when Free went solo. Free whose career includes the debut Crown of Thorns album which set off a bidding war in the industry is also a multi-platinum recording artist and Grammy award winner.

The guitarist on the right is Dario just being Dario. In music magazine reviews he is routinely mentioned as being one of the most charismatic and entertaining bass guitarists performing today. Beauvoir who is well known for his stage presence and charisma doesn't hold back making the combination and stage interaction with both Dario and Lafferty one of the most entertaining LIVE ROCK events to see.

Watch for their 2017 schedule.

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