Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Dan McCarthy Releases New Video And Single "Ladybug Point" Worldwide

It was 20 years ago while traveling the coast of Oregon when McCarthy and his then girlfriend Karen stopped to take in the view. It was there, as the two gazed at the beauty of the towering cliffs and with the sounds of the crashing waves below, the poem, "Ladybug Point" was written on a tattered piece of note paper. The two would later be married and go on the build their family and life together as the poem remained in a drawer for the next 18 years. In 2014, McCarthy was inspired to write a song from his poem and later was added as one of the songs on his first EP.

In 2016 McCarthy submitted one of his songs to Music 1 Radio, the internet radio station sponsored by Star 1 Group. Laura Patterson, President of Star 1 Group, Star 1 Records, and Shine On Records heard McCarthy's song and contacted him for a phone interview. What resulted was a newly produced video for Ladybug Point and a complete remix that became the soundtrack and a new single. "I was taken by both the simplicity and beauty of the song. After learning that it was inspired by a poem, it was easy to understand why", stated Ms. Patterson.

The video is available on Vevo and all of it's 11 supported platforms along with Sony's Video Zone in Europe and Music 1 Television. The soundtrack is available on iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify and from over 600 more outlets worldwide.





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