Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Lost Elysium Launches Their Newest Single From Woodstock New York

Lost Elysium Launches their latest song and its making a big ripple on the Rock music scene; Lost Elysium has a mystic soulful sound and big hooks led by Ashley Elle (vocals), Brian Muller (lead Guitar) and Ricky Stage (drums). Here in their own words

"Think Like The Enemy" was a great experience in the studio, we spent over two years writing, recording, producing and mastering this new single. It was recorded in Dreamland Studios in Woodstock NY. It was Produced by Mike Rogers Sony/Red.

Feel free to share or broadcast (Spin) the song on radio or online platforms. The song is also available for download on itunes. We were able to make all of this happen because of our family and great fans!

We are extending a heartfelt thank you for supporting us and coming to our shows. We are touring in 2017 and have a ton of new songs in the works.

Sincerely, Ashley, Brian, Ricky of Lost Elysium.



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