Saturday, December 3, 2016

Nominated At Film Festivals Now The Album Praying For A Miracle By Michael Resin Released On Bongo Boy Records

Bongo Boy Records announces the release of "Praying For A Miracle"; the full length studio album by Swiss recording artist Michael Resin. The 10 track album is making its way to Hong Kong with Bongo Boy Records Star Program. This release will be available in Greater China, Taiwan, Malaysia and other Asian countries and here in the USA via CDBABY Worldwide distributors.

Michaël Resin residents in Lausanne, Switzerland and took music lessons at a very young age. Michaël has released a few singles and two albums with Stéphane Resin under the group name Be-Boys. In 2015 Michaël recorded his first solo single called "Point Of No Return" of his debut album "Emotion Sickness". Which were followed by a second single "What I Feel For You" and 3rd single "Only Human" in 2015.

Michaël returns to Bongo Boy Records with his solo album "Praying For A Miracle" and Bongo Boy Records is excited to distribute and promote Michael Resin’s latest album on their growing International roster.

This summer Michaël's music video "Falling feat. Benjamin Karmer" was aired on Television in New York City and went in heavy rotation Coast to Coast on 54 TV Channels that same month.

As a Film Director, Michaël has also produced the short film. "Vicious Minds Project" was seen last month on National Television in the USA via The Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV show series. The short film has been accepted in many film festivals this winter and also has been nominated for the Nashville Universe Awards – Short Film. This film is available on Blu-ray and Amazon On Demand.

"Praying For A Miracle" is available via CDBABY as Compact Disc and Digital Downloads. The album is also available in Asia with Bongo Boy Records ASIA as a digital download with online retail sites like KKBOX, Omusic, Taiwan Mobile, OMusic, Xiami, China Telecom, China Unicom and many others.

Praying For A Miracle - Album
1. World Is Mine 2:26
2. Vicious Minds Project 3:48
3. Get Away 2:37
4. Gates Of Hell 3:31
5. New Romance 4:00
6. Nothing Is Forever 4:44
7. Lord Knows 3:12
8. Falling feat Benjamin Karmer 3:18
9. Praying For A Miracle 3:24
10.Vicious Minds Project Acoustic 3:21

Available on Bongo Boy Records
Artist official website:
Twitter @michaelresin


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