Friday, December 2, 2016

Jean Beauvoir & Crown Of Thorns

Two festivals Jean Beauvoir and his band Crown of Thorns played this summer included The Graspop Metal Festival and Rockingham Live both of which features the best melodic hard rock bands from around the world. Both festivals have been able to attract the most popular international bands in the genre from around the world due to their large international followings which continue to grow annually.

Crown of Thorns was formed by Jean Beauvoir after being asked by Jimmy Iovine if he would be interested in recording something for Interscope. When word spread of the Jean Beauvoir project for his newly created band it led to a highly publicized bidding war between labels in the industry; including a bid by Prince, a fan of Beauvoir's previous works.

Interscope Records emerged the victor with a reported $1M bid with the Crown of Thorns self titled debut album eventually being released internationally through various labels. It remained on the UK ROCK charts for 6-months resulting in international stadium tours with well known bands and artists including Bon Jovi, Van Halen and Slash.

As a multi-platinum recording artist, songwriter and producer Jean Beauvoir has generated sales in excess of 40-million records worldwide to date and counting. His catalogue through his company Hot Boy Music/Universal Music contains over 500 published songs internationally. He continues to write, record and produce for himself as well as many other artists/bands. He tours as a solo artist and as the front man of his two internationally recognized bands; Crown of Thorns and Voodoo X.

Over the past two decades Jean Beauvoir has appeared on over 200-albums and collaborated with five artists who have been inducted into the ROCK 'n ROLL HALL of FAME.

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