Monday, November 28, 2016

Level Up with Maestro 3DD4's Electrifying New Single "Worlds"

Uplifting, euphoric and soaring, Maestro 3DD4's new single "Worlds" captures the best of modern dance music and fuses it into a memorable and exhilarating package. This is the kind song that will get your hands in the air and your body moving as you lose yourself in these massive tsunami size electro beats. This EDM at its finest, neon, glistening and electric, the sound of new discoveries and the soundtrack to new friendships and long sweaty nights dancing until the morning light. If you are ready to level up, it's time to check out Maestro 3DD4's game changing new single "Worlds"!

Taking influences from modern electronic artists such as Tiesto, Hardwell, Andrew Rayel, David Guetta, Ummet Ozcan, and Mysto & Pizzi, Maestro 3DD4 is able to create a totally original sound that stands on its own. "Worlds" is the kind of track that will appeal to lots of different kind of listeners with the way it is able to build drama and tension with its taut stadium size rock and roll electro breaks. The perfect soundtrack to a night out, this is fundamentally dance music meant to move the body and invigorate the spirit.

Self released on Enlightening Records, "Worlds" is the perfect way to up the ante and set off the dancefloor. If you are looking for huge electronic music that will captivate audiences and get crowds moving you need to check out this track. Maestro 3DD4 is a talented new artist who is making quite a splash in the world of EDM. Check out this bright, young talent and get to know him as he sets his sights on global domination. "Worlds" is a truly bumping slice of electro magic and fans of heavy beats and massive drops the world over will gravitate towards this epic track.

New single "Worlds" features a hilarious video which was shot by the exceptionally talented FLB Studios. Look for the "Worlds" video anywhere banging EDM music is being shown. Be sure to check out "Worlds" and be on the lookout for Maestro 3DD4's forthcoming EP C-3 M.O.!

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