Friday, May 6, 2016

Christian Accompaniment Tracks Site New Launch May 2016 is a new service providing Christian karaoke-style music for soloists and churches. Newly launched in May 2016, the public will have instant access to purchase and download material to use at-will.

Music has been an integral part of most services of worship since the beginning foundations of the church since Peter was appointed to do so in biblical times. Most churches struggle to fulfill this need through employing a music staff, but the economic burden can often times become too great.

The site looks to fulfill a void of available musicians for live performance situations, such as weddings, banquets, and other venues. Most often, an individual artists may not have access to funds to compensate musicians for their time. This e-commerce site will allow customers to create a user profile to search for artists in all categories of Christian music such as, but not limited to:
- praise and worship
- quartet songs
- contemporary christian
- southern gospel
- invitational selections
- communion hymns

A customer simply needs to have a reliable internet connection to download their product, where a song can be burned to CD or played from a digital device using an auxillary cable. If a potential customer does not find the selection desired, the site provides a service of creating a studio version, in the likeness of the original song and artist. This service will be available for a $75 fee, which takes approximately 4-5 days to create, depending on the current workload.

The new music production site can be found at, or reach out to the customer service line at (832) 856-1913.

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