Sunday, September 6, 2015

Piqued Jacks To Open For The Fabulous 'Interpol'

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Piqued Jacks have been making steady progress & going from strength to strength since their humble beginnings sprouting from a little village in Italy they have methodically made their way from obscurity to Austin, Texas, the heart of the indie music scene, performing at SXSW in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and sharing the stage with acts such as Atoms for Peace and Bob Schneider. Their powerful alliance and headstrong vision has resulted in the positive flow of their career, which indicates a confident band gaining serious momentum. One of the strengths of this band is their close bond with one another, something which a lot of bands fail to achieve. This band have grown up together & remain strong, determined & focused. Since returning back home from Austin they have played the Marea Festival, amongst others & performed at a local children's summer camp the band are now are opening for the fabulous Interpol who are playing in Prato as part of their world tour. Piqued Jacks have also recently been featured in the July edition with a front page spread of the very popular indie magazine JAMSPHERE

A HUGE THANK YOU TO INTERPOL for providing the opportunity for Piqued Jacks to open for them.

Also, another one of DyNaMik Records artists Dos Floris is gaining traction having recently joined the label. Her new album "The Widowed Earth" will be released around October 2015 a track from the album "Silence" is now available for purchase on DyNaMik's music glue shop

Check out packshot video for Dos Floris new album

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