Friday, June 29, 2012

Hip Hop + Electronica + Indie Rock = Record Producer JDVisionquest3000

Los Angeles based record producer Joe Dancsak, a.k.a. JDVisionquest3000 has been making his mark in hip hop and electronic music lately, both on the west coast and in the Midwest.

By releasing a string of singles by Ohio rapper Nate Sylak through, and using free social media sites such as Reverbnation, Dancsak has begun making a name for himself. Dancsak is currently ranked high in the Reverbnation Electronica charts for L.A. coming in at #44, and building an audience numbering over 100,000 in the process.

Dancsak has released 3 singles by Sylak, “Janie’s Song”, “One By One”, and “Superhigh”, all available at his website and Sylak‘s social media sites. Dancsak uses elements of electronica and indie rock music in his hip hop productions, lending a unique style to his sound.

The singles follow closely an appearance by Sylak, who is signed to Dancsak’s soon to be launched 3000 Music, on the Dr. Dre tribute album “The Chronic: A Millennium Tribute to the Songs of Dr. Dre”. Dan Hyman of the L.A. Weekly blog sited Sylak as the “…lone hero of the album…. This Sylak dude kills it, and he’s definitely worth a listen.” Hyman also wrote, “This Nate Sylak dude is easily the breakout artist of the album." The album was subsequently streamed off Dre’s Aftermath website, affording Sylak wide exposure.

In addition, Dancsak was quoted in Buzzbin Magazine’s feature on Sylak, “Nate Sylak Makes His Own Noise,” a story about Sylak’s increasing popularity in the Ohio region and the state of the music industry. Dancsak is quoted as Sylak’s producer and as an informative source in the music trade. Journalist Chris Wig writes “…His L.A. based producer, Dancsak, believes that this latest development in Sylak’s career is indicative of larger structural changes within the music industry. While the producer of an emerging artist can provide beats, production, and guidance, the artist provides the hard work..” In that regard, Nate doesn’t stop,” Dancsak said. “The gun slinging aspect of rap has turned into how much product can an artist put out and keep the quality level high while they do it….”

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Article: “Nate Sylak Makes His Own Noise” by Chris Wig for Buzzbin Magazine

Contact: Joe Dancsak a.k.a. JDVisionquest3000
1149 N. Gower St.
Los Angeles, CA, 90048, Ste. 273
Ph: 818-601-6255

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