Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Alternative Newcomers Chelsea Sinking Releases Debut EP

New to the alternative music scene is band Chelsea Sinking, stirring interest with their unique sound and catchy original music. Pulling influence from multiple music genres and various significant bands, Chelsea Sinking's debut EP now available on iTunes is sure to grab the attention of passionate music fans and propel the band into the spotlight.

Chelsea Sinking's self-entitled EP showcases the band's strong musical sense and cohesive sound, giving listeners a taste of what the band is capable of and has in store for the future. The band is driven by a desire to create music that inspires and enlivens audiences while delivering potent messages. The music of their EP is fun, catchy and meaningful.

Chelsea Sinking is a promising new find in alternative music. Be on the lookout for the EP "Chelsea Sinking," now available on iTunes!

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