Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Country Pop Musician Courtney Rau Launches Official Website

Charming audiences from all over with her fresh take on country pop music is young artist Courtney Rau, a down-to-earth singer that makes catchy, engaging music. As the new girl that has everyone in the industry talking, Courtney is a voice worthy of attention. With an increasing number of fans lending their devoted support, Courtney has now launched her official website!

The launch of Courtney Rau's official website gives listeners the opportunity to get to know this young singer more, getting a taste of her music and personality. Courtney may be one of the newest additions to country pop music, but this talented musician is a gifted girl with the ambition and charisma that gives her true potential to be a star. For lovers of quality country pop, Courtney Rau is an exciting find and is quickly proving herself as a serious artist.

Courtney Rau is one to look out for, as this artist is quickly moving forward and gaining much-deserved recognition. Courtney will be releasing her debut single, “New Pair of Shoes” on iTunes soon! Be sure to check out Courtney's newly launched official website to learn more about what this country pop darling has to offer!

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