Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Courtney Rau Releases Playful "New Pair Of Shoes" On ITunes

Courtney Rau is a versatile young artist who has the attention of the music industry. Her music transcends genres, at times being pop, country or rock-indie/folk-indie. Creating music that somehow manages to be both youthful and lighthearted while holding a sophisticated tone and meaningful message, Courtney Rau is a promising new star and her debut iTunes release, "New Pair of Shoes," is a perfect musical summation of Courtney's talents and potential. The tune has just been released and is now available on iTunes.

"New Pair of Shoes" is a playful, pop-driven song that is simply charming. It has an innocent vibe that gives it a sound that seems fit for a commercial, but yet is not trite or bland - rather, it is catchy and engaging. This song manages to transcend genres and unite listeners with all different tastes of music. "New Pair of Shoes" is a fitting example of Courtney's versatility and strong musical ability. Now on iTunes, "New Pair of Shoes" really sets Courtney apart from her musical peers, defining her as an artist worthy of career longevity and recognition.

Don't miss this hit release from the singer that has everyone talking. "New Pair of Shoes" by Courtney Rau is now on iTunes.

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