Saturday, January 30, 2016

MusicDishTV Review: "The Human Element" by Robert Kramer

Robert Kramer's music video "The Human Element" is a beautiful example of giving human spirit we should all have inside us. Showing the human elements of love, happiness, generosity and strength, Kramer tries to heal his listeners of the great tragedies the world has faced of late, including the Paris attacks.

His lyrics and melody are triumphant and up lifting suggesting to listeners to use the good in our human elements not the bad. He says that his song and music video is a 'musical vaccine to heal heart and minds."

Through close up photos of people of all different races, ages, cultures and communities, his video exposes a global community that has been unfortunately torn apart by violence. The faces and eyes he closes in on can be interpreted as the endless victims of this violence or the further generations left to deal with this hate.

Although a small video, Kramer is doing great good for the music community and the world. It is a bold statement and it would be joyous if the song could turn into a ballad of showing human kindness.

He says we create the 'human element' when we work together and actively reach out to one another. The photos of happy communities and the mixing of dark and light shades in other images shows this.

We should all take some of Kramer's wisdom and start working on the human element he signs of and visually shows in this lovely and powerful video.

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