Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Amy Speace Gives Tribute To Judy Collins on 'Born To The Breed'

'Born To The Breed - A Tribute to Judy Collins, Vol. I' featuring Amy Speace alongside the likes of legends Dolly Parton, Rufus Wainwright, Shawn Colvin, Chrissie Hynde, James Murdriczki, Jim Lauderdale, Leonard Cohen, Dar Williams, Bernadette Peters, Ali Eskandarian, Joan Baez, Kenny White, Jimmy Webb, and The Webb Sisters.

Take a listen to Amy Speace's remake of "Born To The Breed" on facebook and SoundCloud

"'Born to the Breed' is a splendid cover of Judy Collins' classic track. In her adaptation, Amy Speace takes a powerful folk song and adds a hint of country flair to it. Amy sings with conviction and a commanding voice, with the result being a wonderful tribute to one of the icons of folk music." - Eric Hartline, MusicDish

To purchase 'Born To The Breed - A Tribute to Judy Collins, Vol. I' , visit: amazon | iTunes

Amy Speace has already won a loyal grass-roots fan base, thanks in large part to live performances that merge warmth, humor and emotional immediacy, and to a tireless touring schedule that's already taken her across the United States. She's also won considerable critical acclaim, with The Village Voice observing that Speace is "taking her Americana away from twangy contemplation toward tangy confrontation" and noting that she's "not another of those breathy would-be child poets, but a real singing writer of songs." Time Out New York stated, "Amy Speace plays sweet, twangy folk music with a clear voice and an innocent vulnerability," while The Nashville Scene noted that she "balances wry humor with open-hearted honesty." And renowned Nashville critic Robert K. Oermann, writing in Music Row, dubbed her a "new star." http://www.amyspeace.com

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