Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Epic Proportions Tour Announces Partnership With Allegra Allergy Relief

Epic Proportions Tour (EPT) announces its new partnership with Allegra Allergy Relief, which will begin when EPT hits the U.S. for its spring, summer and fall 2016 tours. "We're more than thrilled to have Allegra Allergy Relief to be our new partner," states Artist and Tour Producer Gabe Kubanda. "After 4 years and over 400 hundred concerts, we've had success in making sure artists have the means to be able to create and bring new music to new audiences and this partnership helps propel the tour's success to greater heights."

As an on-going entity over the past four years, Epic Proportions Tour got its start by providing burgeoning artists with the opportunity to experience touring and build a fan base, while getting the financial support they need to maintain growth and creativity. EPT believes in providing opportunities to undiscovered bands in order to help them take the next step to ultimate success. This also includes a music industry education program entitled "EduMusication" - which seeds the next generation with exposure to insights about the music industry and promotes the development of music minds for tomorrow.

"Allegra Allergy Relief is proud to be involved with the Epic Proportions Tour," states Jennifer Cooper - Sr. Brand Manager of Allegra at Chattem, Inc., the US Consumer Healthcare Division of Sanofi US. "Keeping bands and fans connected is a passion point. And keeping them focused on the music, not allergies, is our job. Non-drowsy Allegra starts to work in one hour and stays strong for 24 with just one dose."

Epic Proportions Tour begins March 2016 with its spring lineup - Empra, Gabe Kubanda and Racing On The Sun - then continues with a summer tour with Captain Squeegee, Gabe Kubanda and Halocene and will round out the year in the fall of 2016 - with all dates, venues and more bands to be announced soon.

About Allegra® Allergy:
Allegra Allergy brings you powerful, non-drowsy relief of your toughest allergy symptoms: sneezing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, and itchy nose or throat. Allegra starts working in one hour, and stays strong for 24, so you never have to miss out. Brought to you by Chattem, Inc., the US Consumer Healthcare Division of Sanofi US, Allegra is available without a prescription in drug, grocery, mass merchandiser and club stores nationwide. To learn more about Allegra Allergy, please visit

About Epic Proportions Tour:
The EPIC PROPORTIONS TOUR presents a wide-array of talented emerging artists on hundreds of stages across the country, captivating audiences with live performances at universities, military bases, community venues and some of the nation's largest festivals. EPT delivers a unique program incorporating fresh talent and introducing fans to these artists on the rise - in turn, filling an industry void of new artist development.

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