Friday, October 29, 2010

Robert Lauri's New Album, New Face, Is Now Available

All 16 songs create a special ambiance in a variety of musical genres that span the range from a dreamy and highly imaginative universe, to a universe filled with excitement and emotion.

However, there is one common theme all his creations have in common. They all create a sense of fantasy and a really relaxed feeling.

"Robert Lauri is a versatile composer, a master whose music spans a wide range of genres. The many sides of his musical creativity truly characterize this artist. From the depths of his soul, Robert Lauri conjures up just as many original melodies as there are pages in a best seller novel. His music is always compelling, and it always surprises those who listen to it for the first time.

"For the New Face album I wanted to embark upon a musical journey into different cultures, where I could mix and match all the different harmonies, picking out the different influences and blending them together into a single song, on a single album," explains Robert Lauri.

As an experienced musician, he knows how to create a melody that intertwines a background full of diversity and nuances, without ever losing sight of the harmony. Lauri's unique ability to bring different cultures together into a melting pot takes the listener on an unprecedented musical journey to all ends of the earth, a journey listeners have never experienced before. One such journey is Origin, a mix of oriental music and Indian flute.

The first people to listen to this album have all commented that the music speaks to their imagination: As they listen to the New Face songs, they all "see" images of their own stories in the melodies and the moods. Some listeners even say that they can hear one of Robert Lauri's melodies in their dreams at night, or that they start their day by listening to their favorite songs.

The special images in Lauri's video clips have been created by Anna Clara Passarelli, an Italian artist. She has been passionate about movie and dance ever since she was very young. Passarelli is a dance teacher and has had her own school, "Save the Last Dance," in Foggia, Italy for the past twenty years. Whenever she creates a dance for her dance school, she immerses herself completely in the music she chooses. She takes in each and every note while letting her emotions flow, and then she comes up with a dance move for each note. The music cannot hide any secrets from her. Passarelli uses the same method to create video clips. She crafts the images based on the emotions she is experiencing at that moment and to the sensations created by the music. Then she blends everything together to match the ambiance created by the music. This results in stunning images that are in perfect harmony with the melody.

The New Face album by Robert Lauri is now available for download from the download websites. The CD is also for sale at More information about distribution is located on the artist's official website

Each song has its own video clip. Go to Robert Lauri's channel on YouTube and Vimeo to check out his New Face album:

Robert Lauri - Life :

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