Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Forsaken Veteran Of The Drug Wars - Folk Rap Fusion

The Folk/Rap version of Forsaken Veteran Of The Drug Wars a collaboration between U.S. Hip Hop Rap artist J. Smo and Australian based Folk Rocker Bob Crain. The "fusion" is the brainchild of J. Smo, who determined that Bob's Folk Song and his Rap Production were the perfect mates to deliver the message to young and old that the longest running war in history was still being fought.

J. remixed, produced, recorded and mastered the finished Folk Rap Fusion using Bob's original recording. Released by MPC Recording Company it will be available on iTunes on February 26th along with the original Folk Rock Version as an old school single featuring an A and a B Side. The YouTube video - the song and the story.

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