Sunday, June 2, 2013

Shmolts Want To Rock You Digitally... For Now

Shmolts (Pronounced Schmaltz) is an online collaboration but very importantly, a digital rock band. No, they're not avatars, but they do exist solely in the electronic realm... for now. I guess you could call them an eBand of sorts. You could also call them the wave of the future. You see, back in the pre-Internet days, bands had to tour like dogs to build up a fan base. Travelling from town to town, never knowing what small number of locals might trickle through the door, putting their faith in promoters, club owners and the local media to maybe throw them a crumb of coverage or supportę¢©hat was a lot of work that didn't necessarily reap many rewards. Seems pretty backwards. Shmolts thinks it's time to work smarter and build up the fan base first. Now that the Internet has saved the world why shouldn't it save bands too? Shmolts is banking on this concept. It's like Kickstarter, where you get the money before you press the record, they want to get the fans before they hit the road.

Shmolts is the creation of Jay Serrao, formerly of the band, Jay Serrao and The Juice (also known as The Juice). During this time the band toured the US, UK, even India and the Middle East, but Shmolts is planning bigger and thinking smallerę¢ r is it planning smaller and thinking bigger? Doesn't matter, the point is, Serrao, (with current collaborator, Morris Concas, aka MaW), plans to release singles and videos through various on-line outlets in order to build up an online army. Only then, will Shmolts go out and entertain the troops with their music.

Shmolts is influenced by the bombast of GNR and Led Zeppelin, the heaviness of Black Sabbath and Tool and the melody and lyrics of The Beatles and Bob Dylan. Shmolts is unconcerned with writing material catering to a certain genre, but up to this point, the music has certainly been firmly in the rock category. Their song "Evil Eye" sounds like Axl Rose fronting Black Sabbath and "Point of View" sounds like a Guns N' Roses ballad (without Axl's vitriol) that also features great rock guitar riffs and some Rolling Stones boogie.

You can sample and buy Shmolts music online through iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Bandcamp. Shmolts is also proud to work with the American Red Cross and Amazon Conservation Association in conjunction with Fandistro.

Recently, Jay successfully worked with photographer, Sean Conway, and directed a concept photoshoot for Shmolts based on the Sixties horror flick, The Innocents. You can check out some of those photos here:

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RIYL: The Beatles, Guns N' Roses, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Porcupine Tree, Frank Turner, Tool, Rage Against the Machine, Bob Dylan


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