Thursday, December 20, 2012

Stylist and Award Winning Songwriter Tricia Greenwoods New Album Cuts Straight to the Heart

From the very first moments of "I'm Coming Home" to the last chorus, "Holidays when dreams come true," on this new album, "In the Spirit of Love" makes it clear that this singer-songwriter is a woman on a mission. On both personal and spiritual levels, this artist shows her talent with live studio takes on many of the songs expressing her feelings ignited by the heat of her soulful voice and the passion of her performance.

"Look in the mirror, it's a good hair day" Tricia sings in, "I'm Coming Home" and if you know the way to San Jose you may see her in the front window beautifying her clients by appointment only where she co-owns Park Avenue Salon.

The album's title song and centerpiece "In the Spirit of Love" sums up her journey and victory over life events from childhood to the present loss of love and loved ones. Her lyrics poetically express her deepest feelings. "My two edged sword pierced every lie, made shadows disappear." and "Through the valley of sorrow and pain, my sorrow turned to peace."

"I chose to release this album as Tricia and not Tricia Greenwood to be free of the past and my music helps me to heal my heart and conquer the pain. I have worked very hard to overcome life's tragedies of divorce and betrayal. I have learned how to unlock the fear and loneliness that controlled me throughout my life and I now see myself as a victorious warrior. Enduring the loss of those I love never gets any easier, after my only son Jamie James passed away in 2006, my feelings turned into a numbness that paralyzed me emotionally, he was a wonderful son to me, the 4th song on the album, "I Wish You Were Here" is about him and I sing it to him" says Tricia.

Her two cover songs from her favorite artists since she was a teen, "Let it Be" by the Beatles and "Thank You" by Led Zeppelin echoes with honesty and simplicity. No two ways about it this heartfelt album work with four of the selections featuring a full rock band completes Tricia's ascent from the folk circuit to rock, featuring guitarist Aaron Madsen, written up a few times in guitar player magazine praising his lead guitar riffs and additional guitar tracks, Loren Rendler on drums, Harold Martin on bass guitar, Erik Johnsgard on keyboards and MaryEllen Duell with her sweet harmony vocals on the song, "I'm Coming Home"

"In the Spirit of Love" defines a true artist with an honest journey of life's highs and lows emotionally and spiritually, Tricia shines with her high energy and smooth clear vocals, her remarkable songwriting talent has a mainstream quality that hearts of all ages will relate to from "You're Not Alone" to "You and I" the subtlety of "My Angel" to the conviction of "Need a Change" on the merry-go-round of life, this album will surely find a place in the collections of any music fan.

The album is available through itunes and at _Tricia's website:

Contact Information_Charla Rodney_Dolce Records_415-728-6664

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