Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jonny Harpburn

A Harmonica player from Spokane who has a new but traditonal blues sound. Jonny Harpburn well worth listening too for young or old! Happy or sad are his tunes but that is what blues is all about! Good Sfuff!

"Bluzin on the harp since 1986! I have been playing open mics around the Spokane/Coeur D' Alene area for the last year, I have jammed with folks like Steve and the Triple Shots, Tommy G from the 509, Crowded Souls, So many Roads and Harpman Hatter (all good friends of mine) I normally attend open mics but have done most of my recording at home and in the studio @ Crabwalk Studios I have had one Number 1 hit song BBQ Ribs Mmmm reach the top of the charts on Reverbnation.com and have had the same song debut on "Blow Torch Blues Show" on 98.9 fm KKZX (Classic Rock Station in Spokane) and looking forward for more jamming and recording music in the very near future!"

Website: http://www.reverbnation.com/jonnyharpburn

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