Monday, November 15, 2010

Maclyn Lucille - Where You At

The superb urban vibe of "Where You At?" kicks off with low strings and ad the DJ shouts out "Mac Lu, let's go!." This song from Maclyn Lucille is a song for all the ladies in the club who are looking for a good man. "Where You At?" is a pop/R&B groove featuring layers of vocals and harmonies that keep this song moving. With pulsing strings, bass and snare, and all that Dirty South flavor, even though this one is for the girls, the men will be on the dance floor as well. The vocal cuts when she sings "Oh Oh" add to the cut. "Everything from the jump is all true" brings in some big verb fingersnaps. Dj's will love adding this mid tempo song to their club mix.

Maclyn Lucille - Where You At :

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