Monday, May 11, 2009

MP3: Winifred Adams' You Are My Rose

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Winifred Adams's You Are My Rose
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"The first thing one notices about artist Winifred Adams is her striking resemblance to a young Christie Brinkley. Blonde and beautiful, for this particular track, Adams sings country music in the traditional style from the Johnny Cash/Loretta Lynn era. She has a clear alto voice, and "You Are My Rose" is her tribute to mothers. Heartfelt and sincere, this track is about lasting love and the strength it gives you to go on, even through difficult times. Her voice is accompanied by an acoustic guitar, steel guitar, and keyboards."

"I love listening to your heart/
To the sweetness of the beat/
There's a soul in the rhythm/
Like a song made for me/

I love listening to your heart/
Every breath that you take/
Brings light in my life/
That I can't mistake/

My world has blossomed/
Like a flower so sweet/
You are my rose, a beauty that grows/
You are my rose."

This part of the song reminds me of a child lying against her mother and feeling the calming, soothing peace that only a mother can give.

"And my world has blossomed/
Life a flower so sweet/
From where this love flows/
God only knows, you are my rose/

From where this love flows/
Only God knows, you are my rose."

I really like these lyrics because only a mother's love is truly unconditional love, and Winifred Adams seems to bring that out here.
- Michele Wilson-Morris

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