Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nomy: The Record Label's Worst Nightmare

Website: http://www.nomy.nu
Music: http://www.nomy.nu/Nomy - World in fire.mp3

Nomy is the name of the Swedish artist who has singlehandedly taken his music from a little bedroom in Jönköping to the world stage via the Internet. His hit song "Cocaine" spread like wildfire and today is downloaded and streamed in Scandinavia, Europe and large parts of USA and Canada.

- Like most artists, I wanted others to bond with my music. But I wanted to do it my own way and in my own pace. I discovered early on how music had the opportunity to grow on the internet and vice versa. With my modest home recording set up worth 15,000SEK ($2200) I create everything by myself. When Guitar, drums, bass, vocals and song are fed into my computer it becomes my music, my sound, shaped in my way, says Nomy.

Over 8 million plays on Spotify

Nomy was quickly placed on top lists, both small and more established. For example, the song "cocaine" played almost 2 million times on YouTube and he dominated the chart on www.allears.se with 10 different songs. Most notable to date is the placing of "Song or Suicide" as the 50th most played album on Spotify, where since July 2009 has long with all his other songs collected over 8 million plays, with 2 million of these in January alone.

- The major breakthrough was the combination of social media, such as my own website, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace as well as the digital distribution service Record Union who continue to make sure my music is available on all of the world’s major music services. My drive was to give the fans what they wanted, without conditions, continues Nomy.

- The song "Cocaine" for which I feel and still do feel an overwhelming pride, was the first song I sent up to the various music websites. The amount of downloads gradually increased and the fans began to gather at my official website www.nomy.nu. There I collected all my work for visitors to download - for free of course, explains Nomy.

The latest album is named "Disconnected" and is released exclusively on Spotify Premium

Nomy's melodic influences spring from Skate, Metal and bands like Bad Religion, Danko Jones, In Flames and HIM among others. "Disconnected" contains songs with an acoustic feel with strong influences from country. It is an album with depth, power and striving.

The album is released on Spotify Premium on the 15th March, 2010.

For more information, please contact:

Email: press@nomy.nu
Tel: +46 (0) 736 79 1051

For press photos, see following link: www.nomy.nu/pic.rar

Nomy links:

Official homepage - www.nomy.nu
Youtube - www.youtube.com/user/therealnomy
MySpace - www.myspace.com/nomy1
Record Union - www.recordunion.com/Profile/123
7 Digital - www.7digital.com/artists/nomy
Last FM - www.lastfm.se/music/nomy?ac=nomy


Disconnected - 2010
Welcome To My Freakshow - 2009
Song Or Suicide - 2008
Atonic Atrocity - 2007
Clownen Ler Inte - 2006
My Darkest Hour - 2003
Random Old Songs - 1996-2005

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