Friday, March 26, 2010

Kaya - Rat Race

Kaya - Rat Race

by Jon Peritz

"The new music video for Rat Race, from the UK based soul/hip-hop outfit Kaya is an in your face no nonsense dance party with a message. Shot in a single small room blanketed in old posters and graffiti, the video shows the band in their natural element. Rappers Aina and Natty rhyme about the inequities of the tax structure and the importance of working for the love and not for the money. This song has a sticky hook tied together with catchy horn lines and a number of clever verses that the band performs as they act out their words. Aina sings about working a 10-6 job as she sits, clearly frustrated, behind a desk crowded with papers and a fax machine. She vows there to turn over a new leaf. Kaya released the video for Rat Race to warm us up for their new record due to drop in August 2010."


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