Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Whotune Music Group Releases New MusiFlik App For Artists, Fans & Music Businesses

Whotune Music Group has just launched its new music messaging app MusiFlik. MusiFlik is a Free multi tiered App on Android & iOS for musicians, fans & music businesses. It's an easy, fun way to find , share & promote music & gigs.

Centred around a messenger , the App offers playlists, geo targeted gig guides, community song reviews & feedback for artists via its 'Flik it or kick it' feature which sends fans who have opted in the same song 3 times over 48 hours so they can rate & comment on it to see if it grows on the listener with more listens. Flikable EPKs, Public groups, Analytics & is a great way for artists to proactively promote music or gigs with links to ticket sales as well as sales via iTunes & Google Play . It gives artists the opportunity to steer fans to the video the artist wants fans to see & offers direct channels to interact with fans. Music fans can search for any artist or song with results being displayed from MusiFlik registered artists, YouTube & Soundcloud. Register as a fan, artist, Premium Artist or business & get Fliking, free in the App Stores.


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