Tuesday, April 12, 2016

MusicDishTV Review: "Netflix and Chill" by Brentley

Brentley's "Netflix and Chill" is a top notch RnB tune. It captures the emotion of a guy in a tricky and complicated relationship. His girl is always up and down, breaking up and then wanting to get back together. You can see through the lyrics and Brentley's facial expressions that it is causing this man stress. However, when it's good he just wants to watch Netflix and Chill.

Like many couples, sitting to watch Netflix and chill is a time of happiness and relaxation. This guy wants his relationship to always be like this.

The melody is easy to listen to and would be perfect for a bar lounge or a small RnB club.The song is full of emotion and heart. Brentley also has an amazing and angelic voice.

The video clip in itself reflects the guy's mood. When he is singing about the sad times the backdrop is bleak and grey. When he is singing about his girl and their chilling times, the clouds are more lively and rich.

Overall, the video clip is well done and tells the story of complex relationships with heart.




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