Friday, April 15, 2016

MusicDishTV Review: "Born Beautiful" by John Mullane

Canadian recording artist John Mullane's song, "Born Beautiful", is a touching ballad. It seems like he is almost singing about his daughter or a daughter he wish he had.

The song tells that young girls shouldn't settle and to always remember that they were born beautiful. With heart and soul, Mullane sings that as adults we should never forgot the inner child within us and the happiness a sense of innocence can bring us.

The video clip is also touching. It follows the tale of a self conscious young girl, who clearly doesn't know her true self just yet. She tries to be the "cool kid" at a party and mingle with guys she isn't that interested in. But in the end she realizes partying with people who aren't her friends is lonely. She goes home to her apartment and begins to paint. Flashbacks shows she did this as a child. She suddenly feels happy and beautiful.

Mullane's song has a strong message - being true to yourself is more important than anything else. It makes you happy and we were all born beautiful to be happy.

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