Friday, March 11, 2011


NOV.US, the new industry leader in profitable integrated web, iPhone, and Android apps for engagement between musical artists and their fans, today unveiled their extensive activation platform for the SXSW Music Festival. The events are all designed to create additional opportunities for new artists and get more exposure for NOV.US' cost-efficient and highly effective fan engagement technology. NOV.US is one of the only companies in the space that has built an all-encompassing fan engagement platform that also gives artists a way to earn direct compensation while rewarding their fans with behind the scenes access. The apps are already in place for 30 emerging artists/personalities and that list is expected to double very quickly as the brand heads to Austin.

"The music industry today is continuing its quest to deliver quality and effective fan engagement platforms which give fans the access they crave in a manner that is cost efficient for the artist," said Eric Shaffer, Co-founder and CEO of NOV.US. " NOV.US answers that quest by delivering an integrated web and mobile app that allows artists to distribute, in real time, all kinds of high value content and to be compensated for their effort. Our platform speaks to fans where they want to receive phones, tablets and the web... and is quickly becoming the avenue of choice for artists who want to engage fans while generating a source of income to support their creative process. It is a win for everyone in the pipeline, and we are excited to be able to show even more people what we are doing at the SXSW Music Festival."

The NOV.US apps for artists like Fair To Midland have already been proven to be both effective and profitable in fan engagement, giving artists a revenue stream that far exceeds anything they have encountered with other platforms. The apps are also being expanded to include personalities in other forms of entertainment and sports, all of whom face the same issue, providing quality extensive content in a model that makes good financial sense.

NOV.US, its artists and its technology will be on prominent display in Austin, Texas next week at the SXSW Music Festival. The brand will be sponsoring a showcase stage in conjunction with My Old Kentucky Blog on Friday, March 18th at Peckerheads, located at 402 E. 6th St. just three blocks from the convention center. In addition to the performance area, NOV.US will host the VIP lounge at the same location where they will be working with artists, brands and fans on the new era of engagement March 16th through 19th.

About NOV.US
NOV.US is a service line provided by Novus Applications LLC that creates Personal Media Channels, which are an integrated set of web, iPhone, and Android apps fully dedicated to an individual "personality" or celebrity. Their followers can subscribe to the channel, to receive exclusive, high quality content from that personality. NOV.US does not charge any fees to build, maintain or support the app. Rather, it only takes revenue shares. Novus Applications LLC also has a custom development business that creates consumer and enterprise-class web and mobile solutions, as well as providing consulting services for social media.

NOV.US can be reached here:

Eric Galler
Novus Applications LLC
Founder - President
(m) 301-728-3850

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