Thursday, November 13, 2014

Supermodel Astronaut Challenge By Worldwide Groove Corporation Gaining Momentum In Wake Of Other Feminist Trends

Just one week after their official "Supermodel Astronaut" music video was posted, Nashville's electronic music power duo Worldwide Groove Corporation have caught the attention of major media outlets. What began as a grass roots social media campaign surrounding their fun and quirky electropop song has now become a social movement encouraging women and girls to push back against the unrealistic ideals portrayed in the media and embrace the statement "I am enough". The entertaining music video features women and girls from around the world lip syncing to the cheeky and memorable chorus as they proclaim "I'm a million dollar venus, fill your cup. I'm a sassy supermodel astronaut."

"There has never been a supermodel astronaut," says Ellen Tift, the songwriter and voice behind the catchy song, "so I felt it was a perfect metaphor for the unattainable ideals women and girls feel pressured to live up to every day. These false expectations lead to highly pervasive feelings of inadequacy. I say that regular women and girls deserve the title Supermodel Astronaut for all they already do each day." Huffington Post published an article in several of their news categories, touting this campaign as the "antidote" to the video of the little girls in pageant dresses repeatedly dropping the F word. The Huffington Post article has sparked a series of other TV and print news outlets also sharing the story and music video.

The empowering lyric and fun beat of this song have also caught the attention of those in the music industry. “In music licensing, I'm always looking for songs that are either in the fun/uptempo/upbeat lane or are emotionally inspiring for a variety of marketing campaigns. I loved Supermodel Astronaut right away because it not only has that upbeat component, but it was a very symbolic and inspiring message for young girls," says Wendy Duffy, Director of Creative Development for iV Music Licensing in Nashville. "Several brands are integrating these messages into their campaigns, so I feel there is a real opportunity for this song to not only go viral, but to be a campaign/brand theme song that inspires their younger consumers.”

Supermodel Astronaut is the 4th in a series of monthly music releases that Worldwide Groove Corporation have created as part of their "Year of the Groove" where they are putting out one music release a month for a year. Learn more on their website #supermodelastronaut #iamenough

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