Monday, January 12, 2015

MusicDish Review: BIMB Family Debut Single "Steppin' On My Coat"

The timeless Bob Marley song "Exodus" was an anthem of self-empowerment; nothing can get in your way to accomplish what you want. However more often than not, it's hard to see how the decision we make affect our lives and what we will become; and sometimes for the worst. But there is always hope, a shimmer of light that can lead you to a better path for yourself.

With such a powerful message, it's only appropriate that the new musical act BIMB Family release their positive, debut single "Steppin' On My Coat". Their unique blend of reggae and hip-hop which they coined "Dub 2.0" is a perfect sonic mixture of reggae bass lines and hip-hop energy. Their new single represents the trials and tribulations of the group and how through self-improvement, they are now on a better path.

"Steppin' On My Coat" starts off with heavy subs that instantaneously bang. Coupled with reggae's staple "bubble" piano rhythm, the track begins with a force to be reckoned with as BIMB Family's rappers spit their own version of self-actualization. From wishing they worked harder, to making better decision, what resounds the most in their record is their hook "Only I Can Stop Me, I'm My Worst Enemy".

Their positive messages offer a much-needed message for not letting circumstances or self pity take over you, but rather assume responsibility and be the change you want to be. Each rapper has a distinct delivery, from blazing fast rhymes to more grimy and rough-around-the edges of flow. Each unique take on the song adds a personalized touch to the listener, as they can relate to all facets of the song.

This is definitely a solid debut single from the Brooklyn based music group. What sets them apart is creating a whole new lane with their very own sub-genre of "Dub 2.0". With innovative sound and incredibly artful lyrics, BIMB Family is sure to be the talk of the town within the music community and has the potential to branch out into a real big movement.

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