Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stevie Diamond - Heavenly Bliss


Stevie Diamond launches onto the international stage with a gift for Tigerlily Hutchence on October 24th 2009. This journey came about when Stevie met with Michael Hutchence back in 1996 and they both experienced a déjà vu experience that they had met each other before and instantly became friends. When Michael passed over Stevie was driven to write and arrange a myriad of work inspired by the former INXS front man including Rock Operas, Books, Move Picture Screenplays and a host of spiritually inspired songs.

'Heavenly Bliss' is Stevie's gift to Tigerlily and is dedicated to her from her Daddy, Michael. Recorded in the prestigious 301 studios and produced by Peter Blyton and John Spence this track takes you on a mystical journey of a father's perfect love for his little girl. Stevie witnessed the love between father and daughter on so many occasions. The lyrics are so heartfelt and are encouraging to us all. The bonus track on the single is 'Universal Child', also dedicated to Tigerlily, relates to the tragic separation from her parents.

The video clip for 'Heavenly Bliss' produced by Stevie, gives you a visual impression of his message. This visually stimulating clip takes you on a universal trip of touching moments with Michael, Paula and Tigerlily.

'Heavenly Bliss' is being distributed independently and will be available November through i tunes, Rhapsody, Napster, E-music and at:

Radio can also download broadcast quality tracks from Airplay Direct for free

All profits made from the release of this single will be donated to Tigerlily.

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