Monday, August 3, 2015

Mirage Box Release Follow Up Single Last Beautiful Woman

Craig Raymo
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Mirage Box, the music duo consisting of Nick Coppola and Chris Capozza, have reached the top of the charts with their inagural original single release, "Juarez", off their debut EP, "Contents Under Pressure". Released at the end of February, "Juarez" reached the number one spot on the Independent Music Network (3/11/15), New Music Weekly AC40 Indie (6/24/15) and New Music Weekly AC40 Main (6/24/15) FM airplay charts for the US. "Juarez" also reached the #2 spot on National Radio Hits AC40 Main (6/3/15), #5 on New Music Weekly Top40 Indie (4/29 - 5/6), #6 on New Music Weekly Hot 100 (6/3-10/15), #8 on National Radio Hits Top40 Main (6/3/15), #12 on Friday Morning Quarterback Top 200 (6/10/15) and #14 on New Music Weekly Top40 Main (6/10/15).

Mirage Box has released their current single "Last Beautiful Woman" in mid-June and already has charted as high as #7 on the New Music Weekly AC40 Indie chart. It also is a Top 25 song on NRH Top40 Main (#25), NMW AC40 Main (#25) NMW Top40 Indie (#9) and NRH AC40 Main (#9) as of this press release. Touring plans are being made currently for Fall 2015.

Mirage Box is a creative collaboration between Nick Coppola, a prolific songwriter and lyricist, and Chris Capozza, a multi-instrumentalist audio engineer and music producer. Mirage Box's music has been described as "modern retro" - a celebration for the great songwriting and music production of the artist heyday of the late 60s and through the 70s. Mirage Box's music and writing style reflects the various flavors of pop and rock music of the classic rock era. Mirage Box's music production employs many of the classic sounds and instruments of the by-gone era, but with a modern slant. Mirage Box aims to create soundscapes, painting scenes with music that takes listeners on journeys. Fans of album rock and headphone audiophiles will appreciate Mirage Box's compositions.

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