Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Gypsy Funk, Twenty-Seven Songs And A Bucket

As of July "Gypsy Funk" duo, Acoustique Juice began their twenty-four month radio and publicity campaign. The duo will slowly release new and re-mastered singles, E.P's and albums aided by the invaluable services of Australia's radio distribution network AMRAP's AirIt. Month by month their twenty-seven song catalogue will be released to radio, followed by the public and will likely grow during the time of the campaign.

Acoustique Juice record all their tracks in their own studio using instruments ranging from soaring violin and rocking drums, to only a bucket for percussion, guitar and vocals.

With spy thriller "I Know Something" and folk fantasy "Desert Paradise" already on air, Acoustique Juice has a new three track single, "Purple Sky" so far hitting the radio in the U.S, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Norway and Denmark, before its release to the public on the 7th of August.



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