Friday, August 19, 2011

"This Road" - La Res

La Res’ new music video “The Road” tackles the heart-wrenching reality of post-traumatic stress on veterans. The first single to be released from La Res’ new album Revolution, “The Road” also appears in the critically acclaimed new film Happy New Year. This compelling rock video shows the trauma of being in a war zone and seeing things that change your life and who you are forever.

“The Road” begins with a soldier awakening from a recurring nightmare that haunts him about the dead soldiers who didn’t make it back home. That fact and the entire traumatic experience has affected him to the point where meds are barely holding him together, and being around others is not something he can do. Sadly, even his wife is not an answer to his depression and the darkness he carries within. The scars of war have made him something he was never meant to be. The pain is expressed in strong lyrics like, “/There’s a rumbling down inside/The horn’s about to blow/This pride that’s been my shield/I think I’m going to let it go"/.

With the help of gritty guitar tones, driving bass lines, and compelling melodies, La Res concocts an intriguing amalgam that aggressively and passionately cries out for redemption, self-empowerment, and an ultimate liberation. The video ends with the soldier facing his demons by walking into the graveyard that has been haunting him. All who have served and fought or loved those who have will feel this video and track deeply.

"This Road" - La Res

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