Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fix You - Music Matters for Japan

Not many people can forget March 11, 2011, when an earthquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale struck off the east coast of Japan, creating a tsunami which caused massive devastation and loss of life. But In the worst of times, the best of humanity often makes an appearance. This was definitely the case when, during the 6th annual Music Matters conference/festival which was held in Singapore in May, 49 artists from 18 countries came together to give of themselves to raise funds for relief efforts. In just 36 hours, a song for Japan was conceptualized and completed from start to finish. All proceeds from the track, their rendition of Coldplay's "Fix You," featuring an all-star ensemble, has now been released globally, directly benefiting the Japanese Red Cross & Peace Boat.

The video shows scenes of almost unfathomable destruction courtesy of CNN, but it also gives us hope, showing workers of various types providing medical care and in their rebuilding and humanitarian efforts. Alternating between the scenes of ruins, people in despair, and others striving to lift a country and people back up, along with the artists and musicians in the process of recording "Fix You," the video is powerful and captivating, invoking several different emotions from the viewer. The choral ending is beautiful and inspirational.

Among the artists contributing their talents to the cause are: Pierre Bouvier and S├ębastian Lefebvre (Simple Plan - Canada), Tommy Bastow and Richie Craker (Franko - England), Aarika Lee (Sixx - Singapore), Katerine Agoustakis (Belgium), Alex Johnson, Joe Porter, Matt Vink, Josh Mitchinson, and Joshua McDaniel (These Kids Wear Crowns – Canada), Sara Wee (53A – Singapore), Lydia des Dolles (Sweet Jane – Ireland), Joseph Curiale (Producer and Arranger – USA), Yuto Miyazawa (Guitarist – Japan), Saidah Baba Talibah (Canada), Ian Hardwick and Tim Hardwick (Goober Guns – UK), Will Rendie, James Keo and Jim Ralphs (Will and the People – UK), Jay-J (Belgium), Sam Cromack and Jennifer Boyce (Ball Park Music – Australia), Johannes Marx (Pitchtuner – Germany), Leslie Liang (KoOk – Taiwan), Lu Yan (AV Okubo – Taiwan), Mooky Latif (One Buck Short – Malaysia), Muhammad "PJ" Panji Prayoga (Disconnected – Indonesia), Nelson Morris (Belgium), Osamu Kitajima (Koto – Japan), Park Yoon Sik (Crying Nut – Korea), Richard Perry (Evaline – USA), Shamril Salleh (Guitar – Malaysia), Sunny Gottlieb (Belgium), Shouwang (Car Sick Cars – China), Vishal (Pentagram – India), and Wilson Tan (Singapore.

The video is a strong reminder to us all than man is at his best when nature is at its worst, and that hope, love, and goodwill cannot be shattered. Individuals can donate directly at or

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