Wednesday, May 11, 2011

PLUNKY & ONENESS - Plunky On Fire

The video "Plunky On Fire" by Plunky & Oneness is a live performance that was taped at the Martini Kitchen & Bubble Bar in Richmond, Virginia. First of all, kudos to the venue, an oasis of sophistication that would have been necessary to contain the hotness, professionalism, and savvy of an act such as Plunky & Oneness. The track and video build a fire so hot, you just can't sit still and don't want to! The flame changes colors from red to blue to white hot, climbing higher and higher as Plunky and his band throw down a rhythmic melody that makes you want to jump up and get busy while you're 'Burning, Burning'! A fantastic horn section and synthesizer start things off as the band declares that it's "Oh so hot" and "I'm on Fire", and you best believe they are.

This is definitely one groove that will bring everybody to their feet. The video is tastefully done, and the band, dancing, and fire sequences are captured and executed perfect. With a dance hall, jazzy, Jamaican, and just plain funky beat, the message comes across loud and clear that Plunky is indeed on fire. The performance and audience participation are more than impressive, and watching this video makes you wish you had been there to join in on this night because it was obviously a memorable experience, and one that this reviewer wishes she had been a part of.

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