Sunday, March 22, 2015

Meresha - 1st Ever World Music Premier On The #1 Social Media Startup Tsu April 7

Alien-loving vegan singer, musician, composer, producer and performer Meresha to become first artist to launch an EP on brand new, innovative, social media startup -

Haven't heard of Meresha? You soon will, if she achieves her proclaimed goal of taking over the world. She promises, though, to be a benevolent leader…

Like a younger (female) Prince, Meresha composes and performs her own eclectic mix of provocative music. It's as if a more accessible Björk was reborn and was influenced by electro-pop stars James Blake and Disclosure or legends like Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury.

Her new EP is "New Revolution". Lead song "New Revolution" is a fast-moving dance number, epitomizing Meresha herself. It starts "It's a new revolution, we're bringing back the past" Meresha brings back the past not only through the use of vintage synths which help deliver her sound, but also through a return to real musicians composing and performing their own music.

Meresha is also part of a New Revolution in social media. Her EP will be the first ever World Premier music on the number 1 social media start-up tsu on April 7, one full week before public launch. As a prominent musician on, she is giving away cash and other prizes every day for the 30 days before her EP launch, which you can see at

tsu pays 90% of earned revenues to its already 3 million users. Some musicians have already earned royalties of even $100 per day, just from being social. Compared to the royalties musicians get from streaming services and other sources, it's a nice bonus. It's a New Revolution, bringing back the times when artists were compensated for their content, unlike sites like Facebook where artists have to pay to get their posts distributed to all of their fans.

Other songs on the EP include "Lemonade City" and the dreamy "You".

"Check Check we're looking for signs of UFOs. Might be hiding somewhere here. We don't know."

Watch out.

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