Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ytellmagazine: Fans Save Fifth Harmony From The Chopping Block

Fifth Harmony fans save Sledgehammer from the Chopping Block. Radio charts and playlists highlight the hottest records in a span of time with the listeners. Radio listeners and fans are the juries when it comes to how hits are made. The TMFC Radio Station is a media outlet that caters to their listening audience.

The radio station plays music in the Pop, Adult Contemporary and Indie Pop music genres. It compiles music charts, based on the listening ratings. The TMFC radio station adds music to the playlist every week from artists on big record labels down to independent artists.

Fifth Harmony is a group of talented, lovely ladies that can sing and dance. The program director of TMFC listened to a sweet synth-pop song entitled "Sledgehammer" by Fifth Harmony and added the song to the playlist a few weeks ago. This lovely song had serious radio appeal, gaining strong ratings from listeners at first. However, the listeners' ratings dropped a little on this song.


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