Monday, March 26, 2012

Fall In Love At The Song Fest: Come Be A Player

12 SongWriter Tips and Secrets to Making Love Songs Rendezvous with us at the 10th Nashville SongWriters Fest on Music Row in the month of love, this June 1-3, 2012! Hear romantic songs by the writers who felt them from the past, present and future. All genres are invited to come swoon others on many different stages across from BMI and ASCAP at the top of Music Row. 1. Find love at the fest! "Oh listen!?! They're playing our song..." Bring your original heart felt music and chirp like a bird on stage or off. 2. Declare you love on air, video or web cast for all the world to hear as you bare your soul. 3. Fool around the clock anytime! Whip it out and start jamming. Find or bring that special some one and start a sing ring. Carouse around the Co Writers Corner or profess your love all night at the After Hours Sing Ring. 4. The key to finding love is meeting many like minded others who have a tune to share. Come as you are and become intertwined. Network with partners who dedicated their musical lives to each other. 5. Flirt with others who have written love songs and get their telephone numbers and contact info. Hook up and finally meet in person your Facebook sweeties in the real music world. 6. Give them the eye at the Music Specialty Instruction areas. Make others in the biz fall madly in love with your music. Ask intimate questions about what ya want, when ya want in areas covering Career Critiques, Products Critiques, Recording, Publishing, Plugging, Legal, Records, Duplication, Distribution, Radio, Video, Broadcasting, Management, Promotions and Productions... No more listening an hour to boring classes just to get 5 minutes of what you really wanted to know! 7. Sneak off and browse the Music Business Open House and Booths with your significant other. 8. Express your love for all to see and display your CD's at the Writers Table. 9. Live together at the Publisher Drop Box. 10. Become a love slave and volunteer to help with the festivities. 11. Tie the knot as others have at past festivals on Sunday June 3rd 6 PM, as we will perform your songwriter marriage. Minister, reception and entertainment provided. Reserve your ceremony today 12. Start your own little love nest now and live together at our website online Freedom Forum or post your adult classifieds. Listen to your heart and take the plunge by registering today to come to Music City and make musical love. Visit , email or call 615-424-1491 for your perfect match. Can't make it to June? Do us this Autumn and come to our Fall in Love Fest! October 5-7, 2012 at the Independent Music Fest Nashville. Disclaimer: If you wake up with a tattoo of someone's name on your body or if your co writer becomes a stalker the fest is not responsible. Email: Music:

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