Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Undercaste Mixtape New Single "Where I Belong" Ft. Sol, Element, Eighty4 Fly, Neema

“Where I Belong” has a current dream like feel encouraging the listener to be confident on their chosen path. The song is an Undercaste production featuring some of the top Seattle, WA rappers. Engineers Isaac Meek and Randy Ross feature 47 artists on the Undercaste Mixtape in hopes of developing a stronger community within the local hip hop scene. “We hope to spark a higher level of quality and help artists grow.” -Isaac Meek. While recording the mixtape the staff at Undercaste began training their new engineer, Elliott Eide, who exceeded expectations as the main orchestrator. The dark/pop sound of the mixtape’s lead single, “Where I Belong”, contrasts sharply with the more street-driven “Fresher Than Em All” illustrating the wide variety of styles on the mixtape. To compliment the versatility of the rappers, Undercaste producers chopped in stylistically different beats. “You might hear a grimy hip hop beat mix into dubstep. I want the listener to experience something new in each song. We had a lot of fun putting this mixtape together and are pushing to make this one of many new projects released by Undercaste!” -Randy Ross. Undercaste Studios encourages artists to raise the bar and enrich the vibrant Northwest Hip Hop community. Email:

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