Monday, April 8, 2013

MusicDishTV Presents Prince Malik Hip Hop Video Hit "City Of Lights"

Hip hop sensation Prince Malik released the music video for his hit "City of Lights Ft. Flo Rida". Extravagant and flashy, the video serves as a great accompaniment the up-beat, adrenaline-filled song. Inspired by New York's own nightlife, the video, along with the single, captures the City of Lights' energy perfectly.

The video begins with Prince Malik in a sports car speeding through the city. Then, external shots of the City that Never Sleeps are shown. As Prince Malik and Flo Rida perform their routine, the video tracks them as they have a blast in various nightclubs. To mimic the City's own bustling energy, the video's lighting constantly flashes from white to eye-catching colors such as blue and red. Recurring images, such as fire, also reinforce this motive.

The single itself has all the ingredients to become a solid hip hop hit. With heavy beats and easily recognizable melody, the song is extremely catchy and is bound to get the party started. Prince Malik's voice is heavily synthesized, while Flo Rida enters in the middle to deliver his verse. The track has attracted over 120 spins on Top 40 stations.

Prince Malik is a versatile artist. Aside from music, he has started his own label, publishing company and film production firm.

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